Natural Sinusitis Treatment Solutions

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Sinusitis is a condition in which the tissue lining of the sinuses get swollen from an infection. It could be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Sinusitis stimulates overproduction of mucus on the site, which often leads to a stuffy nose. Due to the blockage, it will be harder to breathe than usual.

Pain is one common symptom of sinusitis. This has to do with the inflammation of the tissue lining. Other common symptoms include headache, cough, and sore throat. Although sinusitis needs to have a medical approach, you can also combine it with natural remedies. There are a few that you can try, including:

Sinusitis Treatment

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used externally or you can also consume it to reap the benefits. Don’t forget to dilute it with water since the concentration is high. In this state, apple cider vinegar is very strong. It works by thinning the mucus accumulated in the sinuses. It could also strengthen the immune system, which is paramount especially during an infection. A strong immune system is necessary to eradicate the microorganisms that have caused the infection.

Spinach and mint juice

This combination has the ability to reduce inflammation in the sinuses. It also works as a decongestant although it may not be as potent as drugs. Just buy some spinach and mint in the same amount and put them in a blender. Blend for one or two minutes and add some honey to enrich the taste.

Honey isn’t just for taste, though. The having antimicrobial properties in the sweet substance would make the concoction more powerful. You can drink it 2 times a day. It’s also advised to drain the sinuses with a neti poti to help flush out bacteria causing the infection.


These seeds are beneficial to relieve sinusitis. They contain various substances that will be beneficial for curing the illness. The anti-fungal properties will work for an infection caused a fungal proliferation. The antibacterial properties will also work for infection caused by bacteria. These seeds contain oils which could help relieve inflammation. This is a major source of discomfort when we’re having sinusitis.


This plant could also be effective for sinus infection mainly because it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. There are many compounds in this medicinal herb that could ease your sinus problems, such as eugenol and camphene. In addition to bringing down inflammation, it also can clear blockage in your airways. Treatment with this herb needs to be repeated a few times to provide the best results. If your sinusitis is related to an allergy, this would work.