Sleep Apnea Solutions that May Work for You

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There are various sleep apnea solutions. One of the most recommended treatments for this condition is CPAP. However, some people prefer to not try it for a number of reasons. Wearing a CPAP mask can be highly uncomfortable even if it’s a small one. Some people would rather seek treatments that don’t require them to change sleep positions. Here are a few alternatives that you can try.

Weight reduction

Do you consider your BMI ideal or not? Sleep apnea is often observed in obese people. Obesity is a major cause of various health conditions. So by losing a few pounds or until you reach your ideal BMI, you can get rid of many health issues, including sleep apnea. Find out your BMI using an online calculator and see if it’s close to ideal or far above that. Cutting down daily calorie intake is effective to lose weight. Eating foods high in protein will also help because these foods can increase metabolism.

Sleep Apnea Solutions

Chin straps

A chin strap works by keeping the mouth closed, which in turn prevents the tissue from collapsing. This not only works for sleep apnea, but also snoring. If you have this problem, wearing a chin strip right before bed is recommended. It’s not intrusive and cheap, too. Just make sure it holds your chin tightly.

Sleep apnea mouthpieces

A sleep apnea mouthpiece is designed to move the jaw forward and keep the airway open during sleep. This device looks more practical than a CPAP mask. If you want something that’s more affordable and practical to treat this condition, a sleep apnea mouthpiece is the answer. They may not work for everyone, but otherwise are effective for treating mild sleep apnea.

Despite the benefits, you still need to know the potential side effects. Some who have worn these devices said they experienced pain in the temporal mandibular joint. If this happens to you following use, consult your doctor and stop it right away until further notice from the doctor.

Tonsil removal

Another way to cure sleep apnea is by clearing the blockage caused by oversized tonsils. If you have tonsils that are bigger than average and they directly affect your breathing pattern, please inform that to the doctor. He might suggest you take them out through surgery. Many found their symptoms get a lot better after the procedure.

Changing sleep position

The best sleep position to avoid sleep apnea is sideways. Meanwhile, the position that’s usually associated with it is sleeping on the back. For those who aren’t used to sleeping sideways, it would be hard to stay in this position for a long time, which is why you need some practice.