what is sleep deprivation in psychology
What is sleep deprivation in psychology

Sleep Deprivation, Here You Must Know About It

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What do you know about sleep deprivation? Some of you must have ever faced sleep disorder, don’t you? Then, if it is true, you should solve the problems soon in order to not affect your health. In general, the main cause of this sleep disorder is something coming from outside disease. For example, the outside disease may include stress, anxiety, and not calm feeling. Before you find out how to solve it, there is no wrong to catch the information about sleep issues first. Here are the explanation about sleep disorder and the characteristic.

what is sleep deprivation
What is sleep deprivation

What is sleep deprivation?

What is sleep deprivation? If you haven’t known, sleep deprivation or we call sleeplessness disorder is a condition when someone doesn’t get enough sleep. Some cases show that someone who has sleep deprivation will be dangerous if they don’t treat soon. This condition which is more chronic will cause tiredness in the midday.

And, if doctor categoriez it as serious sleep disorder, it will cause you getting lost weight. That’s why, in order to keep you safe from the risk.  It is better to see your doctor to get advice and treatment soon.

what is sleep deprivation in psychology
What is sleep deprivation in psychology

Sleep deprivation Symptoms

What is sleep deprivation in psychology? As we know that sleep deprivation is a situation where someone faces sleep disorder at night. Sleep disorder will cause someone having no deep sleep. Don’t you know that there are some symptoms which someone faces when they got this disorder? Some symptoms mentioned are such as:

1. Getting depressed

The initial symptoms that people often fell who experience sleep disorders are often to get depressed. This can happen because sleep time at night is not enough to make the brain feel relaxed. Generally the mood of someone who lacks sleep will be easily depressed.

2. Getting weight loss or weight progression significantly

Someone with this disease will easily experience a decrease or gain in weight. This is based on research conducted by expert’s shows that when someone experiences short sleep problems, they get energy expenditure. Moreover, the increased appetite will tend to increase. The habit of consuming high-calorie foods freely also supports it.

3. Obesity

One more symptom that is someone often experiences is the problem of obesity. According to research conducted by experts, claimed some thoughts.  The hormones that regulate appetite and glucose metabolism can disrupt. It is due to disturbances in sleep deprivation. So it’s not surprising for obesity people. Besides that, the problems will tend to make someone difficult to get a good night sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Treatment

Actually, if you find out about sleep deprivation characteristics, there are only several ways that you can do. Generally, there are two types of treatments that people can do to treat this disease. They are such as by doing good habit and consuming the medicine. To get more information, see the following explanation below!

1. Doing good habit and cognitive activities

Cognitive activity is a method which is effective to progress sleep quality without consuming medicine. Some techniques which people usually do in this activity such as relaxing techniques, meditation techniques, simulation control, etc.

2. Consuming medicine

If doing cognitive techniques can’t help you to solve your problem in sleep, then you can consume medicine. This medicine will push your body to fall asleep fast. But, be careful to consume some medicines! Take really safe medication for your health. Some medicine options that you can consume are benzodiazepine, hypnotic non-benzodiazepine and antagonist receptor melatonin. 

That’s all some information about sleep deprivation from the definition, symptoms, to the ways to solve it. May the information above be useful!