Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders: What Are the Risks of Untreated?

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Sleep disorders are the problem having by people in which they cannot get a proper sleep. Some of them also don’t get a good quality of sleep whether from the duration or the sleepiness. This has some categories because there are some kinds of sleeping disorders people get.

The category based on the cause of the sleep problem. They are insomnia, hypersomnia, parasomnia, sleep breathing disorder, sleep wake disorder, and sleep movement disorder. Those can be easily diagnose in order to get the right treatment. So, here we go to discuss it one by one to easily prevent and stop the symptoms.

The Types of Sleep Disorders

Sleep issues becomes the most serious problem by many people in years. They get the problem towards their sleep because of many factors. The most common factor that can cause it is the stress level. There are 6 kinds of disorder regarding to sleep. The first is insomnia in which a sleep problem when people are difficult to fall asleep. They cannot fall asleep even though the lay on the bed for 15 to 30 minutes. Insomnia can solve by some therapies and also medicine. But the best way to treat insomnia is the therapy with psychologist.

Sleep disorders also includes sleep-wake disorder. People who experience this sleep wake, they will get a very tired body. They cannot get a good quality of sleep. They sleep than in a few minutes they will wake up. They wake up suddenly and without notice. There are some phases in this sleep-wake. There are some problems in the pre phase and delayed phase. People are commonly wondering and questioning what is delayed sleep phase disorder definition. The delayed sleep wake disorder is the paused phase in sleep hour. They cannot go back to sleep for some times. This delaying will be really bothering. This sleep problem is causing by the lack of sleep or the changing of sleeping time. Sometimes people that change their sleeping rhythm because of work.

Hypersomnia is the other types of sleeping disorders namely Kleine-Levin syndrome. It is also sometimes related to narcolepsy. Hypersomnia will really hard for some people since they cannot get sufficient sleep. Another kind is parasomnia. This parasomnia can be a terror for some people. Some of them also experience a hallucination and sleep paralysis. There are more symptoms of this parasomnia. The problem of sleep can also trigger by the way of breath and also the way you move. The movement and breath will cause some sleep problems as well.

The Dangerous Risk of Sleep Disorders

There are many signs of sleep disorders in adults. Around 25% up to 30% of adults will experience sleep problems. This will really bad because it can cause on their ability and morality. The best way to prevent it is to go to psychiatric. Some people also get sleep problem because they have trouble with their mental. The mental illness can also be the cause of sleep problem. Unhealthy mind and lifestyle will also give impact on your sleep.

Sleep disorders also have some risks. The bad news of this sleep problem is it can be more dangerous. For some people with unhealthy mind and belief will have higher risk. Some of them will get nightmares and result in suicide thought. This actually cannot prevent or stop. To define the risk, it will depend on what the cause is. The duration of sleeping, both short and long sleeping will have effect on any sleep problems.

 So, that’s all the causes of sleeping disorder and treatment. Hopefully we can all keep our health and also stay healthy with good lifestyle.