Possible Causes of Your Sleep Disturbance

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Sleep disturbance is common, but many people can’t figure out how this happens to them. In general sleep disturbance refers to a group of conditions which affect our ability to sleep restfully. Someone with this condition will find it hard to have quality sleep because he has to face the problem daily.

Apparently sleep disturbance can affect anyone due to stress or another, but it rarely lasts long. When it has been going for long, this is when the condition is considered chronic and needs to be addressed by a physician. How do you know you have sleep disturbance? If you wake up feeling so tired, it may indicate that you didn’t sleep well throughout the night. Here are some possible causes:

Sleep Disturbance


Stress is a common factor of poor sleep. It’s our way of survival since ancient times. When we’re stressed out, the body will respond through restlessness. We’ve been programmed to act that way since forever because stress is seen as an external threat.

When you just had a bad day, the chance of having a nightmare will also increase. It’s the way your body keeps you alert. For this reason, it’s important to solve every problem you have in life before going to bed, so it doesn’t manifest in restlessness.

Frequent urination

This can also affect your sleeping pattern. Frequent urination is a condition characterized by the need to urinate more often than usual. This can be frustrating especially when the frequency is high. Nocturia may stem from having an overactive bladder. People with this condition need to empty their bladders a few times a night, which could eventually trigger stress and anxiety. Thankfully, medications are available to relieve the symptoms. They typically work by slowing down the urine production.


Some medications are made to induce sleep, but there are also some that cause sleep disorders. They are not particularly made to make it hard to sleep. They’re just meds for treating other conditions that have this as a side effect. You may need to consult your doctor if you’re on meds right now and having sleep disturbance at the same time. Some of those medicines may have to do with it.

Meanwhile, if you want to take pill to sleep, it’s also important to talk to your doctor. There are so many pills with side effects ranging from mild to strong. Some even reportedly cause sleep walking and lucid dreaming. If your sleep issues are still manageable, don’t consider taking anything yet. There are many other ways to deal with them like aromatherapy, meditation, etc.