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Sleep Medicine to Get Fast Sleep

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Consuming sleep medicine can be good way if you can choose it correctly. Now days, a lot of people get difficulty to sleep. It may be because they are too busy working the whole day or doing activity which reduce their sleep quantity. You should know that sleep is very important for health. People with good sleep will be more productive in doing their activities the following day. Compared to people with low sleep quality will be easy to feel sleepy and usually they look unspiritual.

People with bad life style will be probably easy to get sleep issues. They will be difficult to sleep at night, often waking up in midnight, or even easy wake up too early. Then, how to stop this sleep disorder? Can you fall a sleep fast at night? Of course you can. You can consume sleep medicine to get fast in falling sleep. What are they? To know them, see the explanation below about the cause you can’t sleep and the medicine:

The Cause Of Difficult Sleep At Night

There are many reasons why you can’t sleep well at night. Psychology says if you can’t sleep at night, it may be because your bad habit or your bad feeling. Your bad habit may include working all day without giving chance to your body to take a rest. What are others? Here you go!

  1. Sleeping too fast at night
  2. Drink too much drink containing caffeine
  3. Playing gadget or watching tv before sleep
  4. Having chronic disease such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and others
  5. The influence of drugs
  6. Allergy

The next is bad feeling. Bad feeling includes stress, feeling lonely, nervous, and others. Does sleep affect blood pressure? Sleep also influences blood pressure. Someone with sleep disorder may have risk to have high blood pressure. It is important to know that we can solve sleep disorder by doing good habit. If you are a busy person, you can come to your doctor to ask any suggestion. Your doctor will advise you and give you recommended drugs.

Medicine To Treat Sleep Disorder

There are some drugs or medicine to solve sleep disorder. These medicines should be consumed with the direction of your doctor. When you consume it, you shouldn’t do any activity because you will feel sleepy after consuming. That’s why after consuming, you have to directly  go to your bed. Then, what are the medicine? Here you go!

  • Antidepressants

There are some antidepressants which you can consume such as trazodone (desyrel). The doctor says that it is good to treat anxiety and sleeplessness.

  • Doxepin (silenor)

Are you often doing staying up, then difficult sleep at night? Don’t worry, you can consume this medicine. This drug will maintain your sleep. You aren’t recommended to consume it if you have sleep at least 7 or 8 hours sleep.

  • Benzodiazepines

Do you ever have sleepwalking and night terrors? Then, consuming this drug is recommended. The drugs such as triazolam, emazepam (restoril), and others are effective to treat those sleep disorders.

  • Ramelteon (rozerem)

This drug works differently than other namely by targeting the sleep-wake cycle. It will not work by depressing the system of central nervous. You will get no evidence after consuming this drug. That’s why it is also recommended for those who get trouble falling asleep.

There are still more drugs or medicines which recommend to you besides the drugs above. They are such as zolpidem (ambien, intermezzo, edluar), suvorexant, over the counter sleep aids, and others. All of those should be consumed by following types of sleeping pills prescription from your doctor. That’s all the information about sleep medicine, hopefully it will be helpful.