Sleep Paralysis Demon

Sleep Paralysis Demon, Read The Story And The Fact

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Sleep Paralysis Demon, Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? If yes, surely you feel  scary experience, right? Most people who experience sleep paralysis problems must have a bad or frightening experience. Some people might even experience a disturbing story to tell. From many cases of sleep paralysis that occur, some people associate the cause of it is  demonic attack. But in reality if seeing medically, it has different sight.

It says that sleep paralysis disorder can occur. There is no balance between the performance of the brain and body. When the brain is still in a state of sleep, the body’s condition instructs you.  It can get you up and move immediately. For more details about sleep paralysis demon, here are some explanations.

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

Before discussing in detail about sleep paralysis, you need to know that it is not dangerous actually. There is no harm if you know in advance the symptoms. They often appear for those who have experienced sleep paralysis. In general, someone who experiences sleep paralysis will find their body difficult to move. In addition you will also feel heavy in the chest.

In this condition the body feels like it wants to move, but the brain or mind is still sleeping.

Is it Correct That Sleep Paralysis Caused by Satan?

According to some historical stories say that someone who experiences sleep paralysis is because of sleep paralysis demon. From several incidents, it shows that the devil came when there were several matters. The devil wants to finish his problem with human or even want to communicate with human.

 What is the sleep paralysis demon name? In Finland or Sweden, the sleep paralysis demon name is Mare. People believe that Mare is a woman who is dead because of cursing. She traveled around the village to occupy the ribs of people who were sleeping. And  she gave rise to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis.

In the United States, it has different story. In South Carolina and Newfoundland, the demon’s name is Hag. Hag will left his physical body in someone’s room at night. He will also roar and sat on someone’s chest when they are sleeping. Local people trust this story because when they are experiencing sleep paralysis, they sometimes see a black shadow nearby.

In Fiji, the phenomenon of sleep paralysis has call “kana tevoro” which means “eaten by the devil”. It refers to someone’s close relative who’s just dead. People believe that he comes to someone to finish his unfinished problem with them. In Turkey, sleep paralysis referred to “rabbits” which are more or less similar. It has name of the haunting spirits that visit people who are asleep.

Is sleep paralysis due to demons? In Thai, the cause of sleep paralysis is also demon. The demon’s name is Phi Am. In Mexico this experience has call “se me subio el muerto”. It refers to curious spirits that attach to one’s body. In the other country, Japan, the demon’s name is “kanashibari”. The meaning is “spirits bound someone”.

Science Explains

Human civilization evolved more and more modern, people began to prioritize science. Experts in the field of psychology and neurology have long responded to the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a disorder of the REM sleep phase. REM phase is the peak phase when someone is sound and some people pass it with a dream.

During the REM phase, the muscles must take a rest. In this phase, the body may want to wake up but the brain isn’t ready to give signal waking up. The term “paralysis” describes when the condition of the brain is conscious, but unable to move the limbs.

Why do some people see or feel a bulging figure or around the bed? Psychology concludes that the picture is not real and is not a representation of spirits in past myths. Hallucinations arise due to the fear that makes the creepy figure in the previous dream reappear. That’s about sleep paralysis demon. May it give you information clearly!