Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations During Sleep At Night

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Sleep paralysis hallucinations are the common phenomenon and it can be occur in visual, auditory, tactile, or others. Some people sometimes cannot differentiate hallucination with dream. However, it is true because hallucination often happen between the sleeping and waking phase. On the other hand, dreams or even lucid dream will occur when people are falling asleep. Here are the explanation about hallucination. It will explain about what is sleep paralysis hallucinations and also the cause and how to cure it.

How Do Sleep Paralysis and Hallucination Happen?

This hallucination and sleep paralysis will have connection to the sleep phenomenon. They are mostly occurring at any time and it can happen to anyone. Hallucination will also happen at the same time with the sleep paralysis. Illusion happens because of the misinterpretation from the external stimulus. Meanwhile, the hallucination happens because the lost of external stimuli.

Sleep paralysis hallucinations have some forms when it occurs. It is called as the hypnogogic and hypnopompic. Many people are still confused why hallucinate during sleep paralysis. The answer is because the hallucination will happen before someone sleeps. In case that someone is totally falling asleep and unable to move. Hallucination and sleep paralysis will cause a frightened feeling. Someone who experiences this will also get the tighten muscle feeling and also hard to catch a breath.

Sleep paralysis sometimes relates to lucid dream because it has higher probability for the dream to happen again. Some elements of this sleep problem is the frozen feeling in one place. Someone will experience this in which they cannot move their body. Another feeling that might occur is the falling sensation. We are sleeping but we feel like we fall from the up side.

Dreams Inside the Sleep Paralysis and Hallucination

People who get this hallucination will feel confuse as well. They cannot make sure whether it is a dream or not. The reality inside their mind is look like a dream. When they suddenly wake up within the REM stage, they will clearly differentiate the dream they had. They might get many complicated visual experience and they think it is the reality. Almost 25% of people will experience sleep hallucination. The older the age, the often sleep hallucination will occur. In some researches, it shows that women will likely have hallucination than men do.

Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations Treatment

Some people will have different sleep paralysis hallucinations stories. Since it happens during their awakening time, so some of them can remember it. even though someone has experienced many times of sleep hallucination, it doesn’t affect their sleep quality. This is the result of some other disorders like insomnia, stress, and anxiety. The mental health can be the main factor of this hallucination. It can also be the sign that someone has mental stress.

However, this disorder cannot leave alone. If it is getting worse and occurs with another symptom like narcolepsy, the doctor is the good way to go. Seeing doctors or the specialist can be really helpful. They will make such a right diagnose and give the proper cure. However, this sleep paralysis does not need any treatment actually. It does not come frequently, so it does not bother the sleep quality.

Sleep paralysis hallucinations are sometimes causing by the consumption of drugs, alcohol, and even medication. If the medication causes the hallucination, it will be better to change the medication. The mental health will also play an important rule for hallucination. People who stress will likely have hallucination. It will be better to have a clear mind and healthy mental. This will really beneficial and lead to the healthy life.