Sleep Paralysis Stories

Sleep Paralysis Stories, Find Out The Information Here!

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Get to know about sleep paralysis stories! Have you ever woken up from sleep and found yourself unable to move and talk? Or even difficult in breathing? What you experience is often referred to as “sleepiness” in sleep. Although often associated with supernatural things, it seems that the phenomenon of “oppression” has a scientific term, namely sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is the result of our sleep phase dissociation.

This condition usually occurs when we will fall asleep or just wake up. When sleep paralysis occurs in us, two aspects of REM sleep appear. The muscles of the body relax to the level of being paralyzed, while the mind is awakened, even though the person is still dreaming and his body cannot move.

What Is Sleep Paralysis Stories?

What is sleep paralysis stories? You may ever heard that this disease is related about spiritual thing. Yes, some people in different countries believe it. They believe that your body is being disturbed when you gat sleep paralysis. But, If seeing from the science case, Sleep paralysis occurs when you’re within the boundary between sleep and wakefulness.

Researchers don’t understand why a person can lose control of his muscles. There is an alleged cause is the transition from the phase of rapid eye movement (REM). It runs when a person sleeps very deeply, to the conscious phase. Some studies have proven that people who are tired, stressed or sleep deprived are more likely to experience sleep paralysis. People have long tried to understand why a person experiences sleep paralysis, but there is no valid explanation so far.

What Stories Of Sleep Paralysis Mean Spiritually?

What stories of sleep paralysis mean spiritually? the sleep paralysis stories are about Folklore. There are many folk tales and legends from all over the world. Most of them discuss this condition in different cultures. `Kanashibar`, in Japan, means being bound to metal. The Chinese know the phenomenon of sleep paralysis as ‘ghost oppression’. While, people in the US associate it with alien abduction. In African culture, they associate paralysis to sleep with sleep paralysis demon stories about the ‘devil riding your back’. It shows that Satan has sex with people in their sleep and is usually referred to as the Incubus or Succubus.

The Facts Of Sleep Paralysi You Should Know

1. There is no real danger

You can not argue that sleep paralysis is a frightening and difficult experience. There is no real danger. No clinical death has been approved until now. The idea is to try yourself so that you are not afraid even if you fix things like this. Tell yourself it’s just a dream and it’s not real. It may feel like forever, but the more you stay positive, the less frightening it will be. Certainty is the key!

2. You lose control of your body

No matter how hard you try, even if you somehow realize when you are paralyzed, you cannot wake your body. Some people can only move their fingers or shake their toes or facial muscles. This finally helps them wake up, but most people must patiently wait until it’s over. Sleep paralysis can take anywhere from 20 seconds to several minutes.

3. This is not a disease

Know that this is not a disease and 100% is a natural occurrence. Sleep paralysis can happen to anyone. Some studies have revealed that most people have experienced this at least once in their lives and may not realize it. The level of intensity of paralysis varies from person to person. Young adults and people with a history of mental illness are more likely to experience sleep paralysis.

Symptoms of sleep paralysis include hallucinations and nightmares. However, this is not as visual as you see when sleeping when your eyes are closed. Hallucinations occur when your mind is alert and feels awake. This is what makes the situation twice as scary because we have been conditioned to think that seeing and believing. You feel additional anxiety because you cannot scream or move. It may be caused by medical illness or if you believe about the stories. However, don’t think too much about which one is the correct one. Just do good habit and always pray to God before sleep! Then, God will save you anywhere and anytime. May the information about sleep paralysis stories is useful!