What Does Sleepwalking Feel Like?

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Sleepwalking is when you’re walking and sleeping at the same time. It doesn’t have to be walking as any activity someone is doing while being in a sleep state can also be put under this category. It can be hard to tell if someone is sleepwalking or he’s doing thing consciously, but there are a few signs you can see.

Signs of sleepwalking

The first one is he would act confused when you wake him up. It’s understandable because the mind doesn’t process information like when we’re awake during this state. It’s like waking someone from his sleep, which is why he would act that way.


Another common sign is slurring speech or talking. The difference is you can’t communicate with that person because he’s not doing it consciously. While he may not respond verbally, you can guide him back to his bedroom. This is the right thing to do because sleepwalking can cause serious injuries.

What does it feel like?

Sleepwalking is a different experience for everyone. Some couldn’t quite recall what they’re going through during sleepwalking. They couldn’t remember anything and called it just a dream. Others could remember what’s happening in that state. It’s like they’re aware of the surroundings and could recall clearly what had happened. However, they still thought that something was off with the whole experience. It’s like they knew it wasn’t a dream, but what was seen at that particular time got overlaid by false memory created by the brain.


The biggest concern when it comes to sleepwalking is it could potentially hurt the patient. Since everything done in this state isn’t fully conscious, the person may step on harmful stuff or doing dangerous activities. Injuries are quite common among sleepwalkers, so if no treatment has worked, it’s best that you create a safe environment for yourself or anyone with this condition.

Medications could also be provided especially when the episodes involve dangerous activities. As said earlier, each case is unique. There’s no specific cause of this condition. Besides, sleepwalking for some isn’t a life-long issue. Some can outgrow it eventually. Sleepwalking isn’t always easy to cure, but you can do changes to your night routine and see if they make a difference.

For example, you can do relaxation before sleeping as stress buildup may stimulate it. Just tense your muscles and then let the pressure go. Repeat it for other muscles in the body. You should also limit alcohol consumption especially close to bedtime because it may be related to that. And then, avoid things that can stimulate the brain right before bed. If you have some work to do, finish it earlier.