Easy Solutions to Provide Snore Relief

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Snoring occurs when there is an obstruction in the mouth and nose. There are a few factors that influence the condition, such as age, physical condition, and weight. People with narrow airways tend to develop it more easily than the average population. Age also plays a role since the throat starts losing its flexibility as we get older.

Snoring is often observed in overweight people. Losing weight has been proven to solve the issue. Other contributing factors include medications, smoking and drinking. Although it’s often associated with poor health, snoring can also affect healthy people. Poor sleep positions can trigger it. Avoid lying on your back while sleeping because this position is more prone to snoring. There’s some snore relief you can try.

Snore Relief

Try better sleep positions

Your snoring isn’t necessarily related to an underlying medical condition. It can be caused by a poor sleep position. Are you a back sleeper? If so, then the solution is to change that. Try to sleep on your side for once because this position doesn’t cause the throat muscles to relax. Therefore, the risk of snoring should reduce significantly. If there is no obstruction while breathing, no sound would be produced.

Shed extra pounds

Watch your BMI to find out if your weight is considered normal or above average. Being overweight is risky for health. There are various illnesses that can occur when fat deposits are everywhere in the body. Losing weight isn’t easy, but determination will help you succeed. There are many things to do from watching calorie intake to doing exercise. Some diets like the high-protein diet are designed to burn fat quicker. You can follow them to achieve the desired weight loss goals.

Use an anti-snoring mouthpiece

This mouthpiece has a unique mechanism to keep your airway open. There are two types available. The first one is called Mandibular Advancement Devices. As the name suggests, these anti-snoring mouthpieces work by bringing the lower jaw forward. They also at the same time secure the tongue, so it doesn’t cause an obstruction. The second type is TDR. It stands for Tongue Retaining Devices. This particular type has the same ability, which is holding the tongue. Only the difference is they don’t change the way your jaw is positioned in the mouth.

Get rid of the stuffy nose

The strange sound may also occur when there’s a blockage in the nose. A stuffy nose can clear on its own without treatment, but it will probably hamper your sleep sooner or later. Having a hard time taking a breath while sleeping can be frustrating. Use a saline spray or another variety to clear the nostrils and provide snore relief.