Snoring Mouthpiece Mutes All the Snoring Away

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Sleeping with someone who snores can be quite annoying especially when the sound is loud. Thankfully, nowadays we can find various treatments to help provide snore relief. If you snore, a snoring mouthpiece can be your savior.

How a snoring mouthpiece works

This mouthpiece is designed to hold the lower jaw and prevent the tissue at the back from collapsing. This way, the vibration can be avoided and the snoring sound wouldn’t occur as a result. These devices are usually made of thermoplastic in which the shape could change with the help of hot water. Wearing it may feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get over it eventually.

Snoring Mouthpiece

Without this device, there’s a tendency that the rear of your tongue would collapse into the back of the throat. After wearing it, the organ will be put under tension, clearing the obstruction previously existed. As the air flows smoothly through the breathing airway, snoring will stop.

Monobloc mouthpieces

A monobloc mouthpiece is a single device, meaning the top and lower parts are bonded into one. For simplicity, this could be an option. If you just started wearing these devices, go for this type, not just because they’re easier to use, but also because they come with lower price tags.

Bibloc mouthpieces

Bibloc mouthpieces don’t look that much different except their top and bottom parts are separated. Bands are required to connect them. With this design, these mouthpieces offer more flexibility. There are a few things that can be adjusted in a bibloc mouthpiece. The first one is the space between the top and bottom, you can change it to suit the shape of your mouth.

The range of back and forth motion is another part that can be adjusted to the user’s needs. Why should you pick this mouthpiece? If you don’t want to waste money on a fixed device that can’t be changed just in case it didn’t fit your mouth, then this would be the right answer.

Things to consider

Apart from deciding whether you’re gonna buy a monobloc or bibloc mouthpiece, you should also consider what it’s made of. There are mouthpieces made of thermoplastic. The material is flexible that it changes shape once it comes in contact with hot water. Just soak it in hot water and it will be malleable. After that you can change its shape to fit your mouth. Cold water will return its stiffness.

There are also custom-made mouthpieces. If you want one of these, visit your dentist and ask him to make you one. He will examine your teeth before it’s made. Although it’s personally created for you, the mouthpiece would be considerably pricier than the malleable counterpart.