Stage of Sleep

The Stage of Sleep In Psychology Sight

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Talking about sleep, some of you may have known that sleep has two stages. Sleep stages happening to our body include 1,2,3 and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or we usually call it as fast eyes motion. The stage happening when we sleep occurs continuously starting from the first stage to REM stage. After REM stage happens, it would come back to the first stage. Don’t you know? In one of sleep cycle, you need time about 90 to 110 minutes generally. In each steps can happen for about 5 to 15 minutes. To know more in detail, see the following information below!

What Is Stage Of Sleep?

Before discussing about the stages of sleep, it should be better if you know about stages of sleep psychology definition. As all knew, sleep has stages which each have different patterns of brain wave activities. We generally could visualize the changes of those activities by using the EEG. According to data, it shows that brain wave during you sleep has different frequency and amplitude one another. Generally, sleep itself has two types of phases. They are REM sleep and non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

What Stages Of Sleep In Psychology?

As it was informed before, there are four stages of sleep. Then, what stages of sleep in psychology itself? Here you can check the more explanation about the stages below! Hands down!

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a stage which is very beginner or the first stage or the lowest stage of sleep. Generally, we can see this stage 1 if we know or realize that our eyes motion is slower than before. In this stage, someone usually will be easy to feel sleepy, but also easy to wake up whenever. Some people who feel or face this stage, they could sometimes get muscle spasms suddenly.

Stage 2

In this stage 2, someone is likely not easy to wake up such as the stage 1 because someone may get sleep issues. In the stage 2, brain wave will be slower with fast specifications. This activity is usually called as sleeping spindle. You need to know that sleeping spindle has function for protecting the brain and avoiding waking up during you sleep. In this stage 2, the body’s temperature and the heart beats start to be lower.

Stage 3

The next stage is stage 3. People usually know it as NREM. In this stage, people who sleep will be very difficult to be woken up. Besides that, someone will pass the moment or the condition of deep sleep.

REM stage

The last stage is REM stage. We generally know it as Rapid Eyes Movement. REM is popular with rapid eyes movement from one side to the other sides quickly. Muscle wave happening to this stage is faster and more active than the stage 2 and 3. But, you need to know that, in this REM stage, someone will be likely easy to be woken up. But, waking someone up could make them feel dizzy.  

It is important to know that the sleep stages which were mentioned before usually have each different duration for every ages. Similar to baby sleep cycle compared to adult sleep cycle is also different. Everyone will face all stages of sleep regularly at night. Best way stage of sleep at night is getting non-REM sleep phase which happens in the first night. REM period will continuously get progressed time by the time. May it be useful and helpful!