What to Do with Stuffy Nose at Night?

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Having a stuffy nose at night couldn’t be more annoying because we need to sleep at this time. Now that there’s a blockage in the nose, it will be hard to breathe through this airway. You need to use the mouth, instead, which is very unpleasant. There are a few treatment choices you can try to relieve sinus problems, but if it doesn’t start to get better after a few days, please visit a doctor.

Inhale antiseptic steam

Inhaling steam is recommended to alleviate a stuffy nose. But this time, instead of using only water, you can also add a few teaspoons of peppermint and thyme. There is no need to use fresh leaves. You can find the dried versions in stores.

Stuffy Nose at Night

Prepare a bowl of hot water, and then add 2 tablespoons of each herb. Wait a few minutes until the compounds in them dissolve into the water. After that, you need to inhale the steam. Keep your face close to the bowl to make sure most of the steam gets into the nostrils.

Consume horseradish

This is one of the best traditional medicines to treat a stuffy nose. You can simply add a tablespoon to your meal or drink. Repeat it a few times daily until the symptoms improve. Everyone reacts differently to this herb. For some people, it doesn’t take long until the compounds in this medicinal herb start taking effect.

Others will need to increase the consumption before the effect can be felt. During a stuffy nose, the sinuses become blocked. We need to drain the mucus constantly and horseradish can help with that.

Install a humidifier

If you have a stuffy nose frequently, it’s a good idea to invest in a humidifier. You might think adding moisture to the air will be counterproductive because a stuffy nose is normally accompanied by increased mucus production. Well, this assumption is incorrect. Increasing humidity levels is actually beneficial for thinning the mucus in your sinuses. This way, it can be drained out of the nostrils more quickly.

There are many quality humidifiers. While you can buy an expensive one, regular cleaning is still important. Whether pricey or not, a humidifier isn’t safe from bacterial growth. Therefore, you need to clean it every now and then because bacteria thrive in moist environments.


It’s usually garlic that people recommend to treat this condition because it has antibacterial properties. However, some find that onions also work for their sinus problems. You can crush a few onions or cut them into slices and then rub them all over the body to provide warmth. You can also consume or smell them.