Try These for Quick Stuffy Nose Relief

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Most people have experienced a stuffy nose at least once in their lifetime. This ailment usually clears on its own without medications. The problem is it may last for days if it’s left untreated and many people don’t have that much time to rest in bed. The most common cause of this condition is infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Knowing these small organisms exist everywhere around us, a stuffy nose can occur at anytime. It can also be triggered by an allergen. Some people have higher sensitivity to things like dust and smoke. Whenever they involuntarily inhale any of those allergens, they will have nasal congestion shortly after. Here’s stuffy nose relief you should try:

Stuffy Nose Relief

A warm compress

Stuffy nose treatment aims to drain mucus accumulated in the sinuses. There are a few ways to do this. Apart from taking medications, you can also apply a warm compress on the nose. Dip a washcloth in lukewarm water, squeeze, and then put it on your face. Dip it again when the washcloth has lost its warmth.

Take appropriate medicine

Finding out what triggers your nasal congestion is clearly important as it determines the right action to take. A stuffy nose caused by an allergic reaction requires a medicine that contains antihistamine. It should provide relief quickly after consumption. Antihistamines are not only available in the form of tablets, but also sprays. Although effective, it’s advised to use antihistamines when the symptoms are still mild.

Another medication you can use is decongestants. They also come in the form of sprays. They work by narrowing the blood vessels in the nose. Depending on how your body responds, a decongestant should improve the symptoms quickly after use. However, people have also been reported to develop dependency to these sprays, so be careful.


Massaging the congested area may also provide stuffy nose relief. Just follow these instructions if you want to give it a try. Start with the cavity at the corner of your nostrils. Press this area 10 times with the round movement. Repeat the same to the area next to the bridge of the nose. After putting 10 pressures on it, move onto the cavity below the ear. Gently rub this area in a counterclockwise motion. This treatment may not be instant or needs to be combined with other treatments to give the best results.

Moisturize the air

If the interior of your house feels dry, this could worsen your nasal congestion. Moisture is required to thin the mucus accumulated in the nasal passages. There are many humidifiers with varying prices and qualities. We suggest you invest in a good machine especially if this ailment recurs constantly.