Stuffy Nose Remedies to Help Alleviate Your Sinus Congestion

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Having a stuffy nose doesn’t necessarily indicate a poor health condition. It’s actually very common and shows that the body is trying to deal with an infection. A stuffy nose happens when the lining of the nose get swollen. As a result, it feels hard to breathe in and out. Viruses and bacteria are common microorganisms that stimulate the body’s immune system to cause inflammation.

However, there are other factors that we can’t ignore. Exposure to irritants may also trigger the same response from the body. Some people are highly sensitive to pollutants and they will experience a stuffy nose whenever these small particles find a way into their nostrils. There are some stuffy nose remedies you can try.

Stuffy Nose Remedies

Inhale steam

Steam can provide comfort to the nose. While it doesn’t require special equipment, investing in a quality steamer is a good idea. Pour some water into the machine and wait until the steam is produced. Inhale the steam and put a towel around your head to make sure most of the steam hits your face and enter your nose.

This could provide instant relief, but needs to be repeated a few times until the symptoms improve. You can also add an essential oil. It could be anything, but use one with antimicrobial properties because it would work for a stuffy nose caused by an infection.

Use a saline nasal spray

There are several types of nasal sprays. Some contain chemicals to constrict blood vessels in the nose. Despite being effective, many reports suggest that these kind of sprays can cause dependency. Symptoms would get better after the first use, but they can come back and require another use to alleviate them. There are safer alternatives like saline sprays. This spray is safe since the primary ingredient is saltwater. Salt is something that the body can tolerate in the long run, so it should be safe.

Take garlic

Garlic is one of the traditional stuffy nose remedies. Besides, it’s also a basic cooking ingredient, so you can get it anytime to cure a variety of ailments, including nasal congestion. Garlic is known for its antimicrobial properties. Just crush a few garlic cloves and then drink it with water. Cooked garlic is tasty, but kind of stringent raw. We suggest you eat it with water to remove the residue from your mouth faster.

Don’t cook garlic because heat would change some of the components. If you want to avoid any hassle, garlic actually comes in the form of supplements. They could save you time, not to mention that the powerful substances like the allicin are also more concentrated.