stuffy nose sore throat cough

The Causes Of Stuffy Nose Sore Throat Cough You Should Know

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Stuffy nose sore throat cough is a health disorder caused by several things. Have you ever had a nose problem and throat? This disorder may have been experienced by some people. In addition to runny noses, sinus infections, and others, it turns out there are still other disorders that also quite interfere with one’s health. This does not only occur and is felt by only one part, but the other part becomes influential too. In people with nasal congestion and sore throats, maybe they have their own ways to overcome them. There are those who use natural methods and some who directly consume drugs. Both of them definitely have different effects.

Do you know? Stuffy nose and sore throat are actually caused by several things. Some are due to allergic rhinitis, some are due to dehydration, and many more. The state of nasal congestion, cough accompanied by sore throat is generally a symptom of a symptom where a person will experience a cold. There are signs that can ensure that the condition is the beginning of a cold. These signs include sore throat, runny nose or watery, sneezing, coughing, and several other symptoms.

Besides being animate that the state of the nose is blocked with sore throats and coughing is a step towards the common cold, there are several causes that allow this disorder to appear in humans for example because they suffer from acute rhino sinusitis so that the effects are similar to the symptoms of the cold. Are there other more significant causes? Yes, to find out you are listening to the information about Stuffy nose sore throat cough below for a sore nose sore throat.

Inflammation Occurs In the Pharynx and Tonsils

stuffy nose sore throat cough
Stuffy nose sore throat cough

Inflammation that occurs in the pharynx and tonsils is called acute tonsil pharyngitis. What are the causes of this stuffy nose sore throat cough headache? The reason is because of a viral infection, however, some of them are also caused by bacteria whose percentage does not exceed 30%. What symptoms occur? Symptoms that can be used as a sign that you are suffering from this disease are pain when swallowing something and the pain can spread to the ear. Other symptoms that can be experienced are such as weakness, stomach problems, hoarseness, fever, and smelly breath. In patients with this disease caused by bacteria will experience symptoms such as swelling of the lymph nodes located in the neck, reddish spots appear on the upper part of the oral cavity, and the presence of whitish colored patches on the tonsils?

Acute Rhino Sinusitis

What is acute rhino sinusitis? This disease of stuffy nose sore throat cough sneezing is a disease where inflammation of the nose and nasal passages (sinuses) occurs. Symptoms that can be felt include headaches, clear snot, greenish, and yellow, muscle aches, itchy nose, sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, and fever. For its own causes, this disease is caused by infection with viruses and bacteria in the respiratory tract.

Suffering from Peritonsillary Abscess

In patients with peritonsillary abscesses they will feel pain when swallowing something, the voice becomes hoarse, has a fever, swelling in the neck, pain in the ear, and enlargement of the lymph nodes. There are also severe conditions that occur in patients in severe cases, namely the jaw becomes stiff.

Inflammation Occurs in the Epiglottis

Another factor that is also the cause of a blocked nose, sore throat and cough is because you are suffering from inflammation in the epiglottis. Causes of AI disease are viruses, fungi, bacteria, or non-infections. Symptoms that can be felt include production of excess saliva, hoarseness, pain during swallowing, fever, and respiratory problems.

Suffering from Para faring Abscess

Para faring abscess occurs when a person experiences symptoms of fever, pain when swallowing, swelling of the front of the neck, symptoms of fever, and pain in the throat. In the front abscess, a common symptom is a difficult mouth opening and enlargement of the tonsils and pharyngeal wall. While in the back of the abscess, the symptoms are shivering, spread of infection to the blood, high fever, neurological disorders, and others.

Thus, that was the discussion of the causes of nasal congestion accompanied by throat pain and coughing above. Disorders of the respiratory tract will be easily cured within three days or usually it will disappear by itself after 5 to 10 days. However, you need to know, if the symptoms caused did not go away and even worse, it would be better if you immediately go to the doctor for more treatment. Hopefully information about stuffy nose sore throat cough can help you.