Signs Of Narcolepsy

Find Out The Signs Of Narcolepsy You Shouldn’t Miss

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Get to know the signs of narcolepsy before being late! Narcolepsy, you may have ever heard about this kind of sleep disorder, right? Many people are getting frustrated with this disease. How could it be? Yes, it is because people should live with different way with some troubles. The sufferers probably have disorder in their sleep. They can’t sleep well and even for waking up as well is very difficult for them. Is it serious disease?It’s a bit complicated. Up to now, no one knows what the cause of this disease is.

But, we can indicate that people who are suffered are always having low hypocretine. What is it? It is one of chemical substance in brain which helps controlling the time for sleep. The low hypocretine can be caused by the imun system which attacks healthy cells. The hypothalamus what part of the brain is associated with narcolepsy. Then, how to sign that you have narcolepsy? Actually there are several signs to know that some of you have this disease. Are you curious? Let’s see below!

Signs of Narcolepsy You Need To Know

When talking about narcolepsy, you may directly think about people who always yawn and sleepy during the whole days. Yes, it is considerable that people who are suffered will have more frequency of yawning.

It is also no wonder if they will be easy to sleep everywhere they are. Narcolepsy itself is a nervous disorder which influences the brain to control sleeping-waking-up cycle on someone.

There are many ways to sign whether you get this disease or not. To know them, hands down right now!

Easy To Sleep In Afternoon

The first sign which is easy to know is the habit of afternoon sleep on someone. If they fall asleep very easily in afternoon, we can indicate that they have narcolepsy.

Of course, it is very annoying when you always feel sleepy in afternoon. Because, it may be the time you should focus on working or learning. If this condition always happens and you never care about, absolutely you will be difficult to get concentrated doing activities.

Getting Sudden Sleep

It is not surprising if narcolepsy sufferer will be easy to get sudden sleep. They will fall asleep with any condition if they are extremely feeling sleepy. Every sufferer has their own sign with different duration. Some of the sufferers may feel low symptoms which run on several seconds. Then, others may feel high symptoms with a long time.

Getting Sudden Muscle Weakness

Other sign you can know besides having much frequency of sleep is the sudden muscle weakness. We can indicate this through the jaw of someone, feeling staggering suddenly, difficulty in speaking, and difficult in sleeping.

Sleep Paralysis

You certainly often hear about the experience of “sleep” during sleep. In some countries, this experience is often associated with mystical things. In fact, “oppression” has a scientific explanation which is a momentary disorder in the electrical conduct in the brain. The medical world knows it as sleep paralysis.

In narcolepsy sufferers, sleep paralysis is quite common and can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Apart from some of these symptoms, there are still some other symptoms of narcolepsy disorders that become the signs. They are such as hallucinations, memory disorders, prolonged headaches, insomnia, and depression.

How to Get Up In the Morning With Narcolepsy

Most of people who are suffered this disease may get difficulty to wake up early. Of course, it will affect their activities in the following day. Then, how to get up in the morning with narcolepsy is by following these instructions below. Here you go!

  1. Schedule your sleep in the night
  2. Set your alarm loudly
  3. Set your duration to sleep at night (min-6 hours and max-12 hours)
  4. Ask other people to wake you up early

All know that if you don’t pay any attention soon to this disease, you will get some problems. Besides, you feel uncomfortable the whole days, you will feel others. It is known that Narcolepsy without cataplexy lead to seizures as patient ages. That’s all the explanation about signs of narcolepsy, may it be useful!