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This Is Important! Don’t Miss The Information About Sinus Infection Causes

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You can know sinus infection causes thoroughly after reading this article to the end. Did you know about sinus infections or sinusitis? This infection occurs because the production of fluid in the respiratory tract is so excessive that it causes an uncomfortable condition. Of course, for some people, this disease backfires itself.

What is sinusitis? Maybe you have heard this term but don’t know more clearly what the definitions and causes of this disease are. Sinusitis is a health disorder that occurs due to swelling or infection of the sinuses caused by a blockage that occurs in it. Everyone can experience this disorder anytime and anywhere. Usually, this disorder will attack the patient for up to 4 weeks. However, the long term generally occurs in patients who experience acute sinusitis.

What is chronic sinusitis? Chronic sinusitis is a type of sinusitis in which there is inflammation and swelling of the nasal passages called sinuses. The period of time a person experiences this disease is around 12 weeks. This disease greatly disrupts a person’s productivity in activities. Why? This is because someone who has this type of sinus will make excess mucus on his nose and difficult to breathe. The condition is caused by infection, nasal septal storage or growth in the sinus itself. Then, what are the symptoms and causes of this disease? The explanation below will add to your reference about this disease:

Symptoms Of Acute And Chronic Sinusitis

In acute sinusitis, the symptoms that will be caused are pain in the teeth, bad odor in the mouth, fatigue, nasal congestion, yellow or green mucus in the nose, the face feels uncomfortable (painful and depressed), and coughing. Whereas in chronic sinusitis, symptoms that can be generated such as thick fluid that continues to flow in the nose, stuffy nose, feeling pain around the cheeks, eyes, nose to forehead, and numbness in the sense of smell and taste in adults and coughing at the age of the children.

The Causes Of Sinusitis That You Must Know

Sinusitis can be interpreted as inflammation or swelling in sinus tissue. Inside the sinus, there is mucus that can filter germs, dust, and other particles. In normal people, the mucus layer in the sinus is relatively thin, whereas in people who suffer from inflammation, the mucus layer will turn thick. In this condition, germs are very easy to grow and cause infection in the sinus or nasal passages. Generally, this disease is very easy for people who have low immunity and have serious medical conditions such as asthma, allergies, and structural blockages in the sinuses. Then what are the things or conditions that cause inflammation in sinus or sinusitis? Here is the explanation:

  1. Common cold: on the condition of a cold, the nasal passages will produce fluid or excess mucus which causes inflammation of the sinuses.
  2. Allergic rhinitis: irritation or inflammation of the nasal membranes (allergic rhinitis) can cause sinusitis.
  3. Growth of polyps in the nasal area.
  4. The presence of bone abnormalities is between the two nasal cavities.

Sinusitis can be easily prevented if we know how. How to prevent sinus inflammation or sinusitis is to reduce smoking habits and not breathe cigarette smoke frequently. Besides, hand washing habits can also be done as an early prevention.

A Sinus Infection Cause Tooth Pain

sinus infection causes tooth pain
A Sinus infection cause tooth pain

Does sinusitis have anything to do with toothache in health? Yes. It is true that sinusitis can cause people to experience toothache. How can? It’s because when viewed from its position, the position of the teeth is indeed not far from the position of the nasal passages or sinus. In addition, the fact says that pain in the upper teeth is a symptom caused by inflammation of the sinuses or sinusitis. So, if you experience a toothache that resembles the symptoms of sinusitis, it’s better to consult your doctor immediately to get further treatment. The doctor will diagnose whether the toothache that you feel is really a symptom of sinusitis or may be caused by other factors.

Sinus Infection Causes Sore Throat

Sinus infection causes sore throat occurs in conditions where fluid in the nose and throat continues to flow every time. This will certainly be very disturbing. One of the causes of this sore throat is due to an infection of the nasal tract or sinus infection. To treat this annoying disease, by drinking lots of water, take ibuprofen to help the pain you feel run away.

There are many ways you can do to treat sinus infections, one of which is to check with a trusted doctor. Usually your doctor will give you OTC to relieve your pain. In addition, he will also provide aromatherapy, antibiotics and other medicines that are proven to be able to treat this disease. Hopefully the information above can calm the sinus infection causes can provide additional references!