Treatment for Insomnia

Treatment for Insomnia That You Must Try

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Some people find the best treatment to their insomnia, but the question is how do you have insomnia? Actually, the treatment of insomnia depends on the situation. First, is better to the diagnosis of insomnia and find the causes. Besides, the simple sign is that insomnia waking up in the middle of the night.

The first, when you don’t know or the cause is unknown, you have to do a physical exam. It is useful to look at the signs medical problem which may be related to insomnia. Sometimes you need a blood test to know the thyroid problems or other conditions that related to poor sleep.

The second way is to review your sleep habits, something how to fall asleep when you have insomnia. Your doctor will ask about your sleep-pattern and the level of daytime sleepiness. And the third, when your insomnia case is not clear or perhaps you have other sleep disorder. It is like sleep apnea you have to spend a night at a sleep centre. That aim to monitor and record your activity when you sleep.  These are including how you take a breath, body movement, eye movement, brain waves and so forth.

When I have insomnia what can I do to sleep? What is the best sleep aid for insomnia?. Oke, to know the answer, let’s see the best treatment of insomnia.

The Best Treatment

the best rreatment insomnia

National Center for Sleep Disorders Research describes that approximately 30-40 per cent of adults have some symptoms of insomnia.  And 10-15 per cent for them have chronic insomnia. While there is a 2015 study published in Psychology Research and Behavior Management. They said that half of the American seniors approximately aged 65 and the older have sleep problems.

And according to that journal, people who have insomnia have ten times more to decrease depression also anxiety than others. So here some treatment for insomnia people.

1. Sleep Hygiene

One of the first steps towards better sleep is to follow the rules of sleep hygiene. It disturbs people activities such as maintaining a consistent schedule during the day; wake up at the same time every day. Even if you don’t sleep; use your bed just to sleep and make love; sleep only.  When you feel tired; avoid napping, especially near bedtime; exercise during the day. But it is not within three hours before bedtime; following a sleep ritual that involves reading, bathing, or other relaxing activities.

“Most people with chronic insomnia develop behaviours that prevent sleep and relationships with the bedroom which makes it harder to sleep,” writes Robert Rosenburg, D.O., in his private blog, Sleep Answers. He uses a technique namely Stimulus Control. It is to control the mind to break negative relations around the bedroom. People are told to sleep only when they are sleepy. If they are in bed for 20 minutes and wake up, get out of bed and do something relaxed in another room and when sleepy go back to the room.

2. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

In cognitive behavior therapy, a therapist helps patients identify distorted thoughts and then frame them again into more realistic and positive statements. For sleep problems, this usually involves working with performance anxiety – pressure is felt to control the amount and quality of sleep. New ways to deal with stress are introduced, as well as strategies to reduce the typical frustration associated with sleep disorders. A review in the 2015 Sleep Medicine Research report that CBT is effective in treating insomnia in patients that have problem with primary insomnia.  Moreover, it can help patients with symptoms of comorbid insomnia and anxiety disorders.

3. Sleep Restrictions

This strategy is designed to reduce the amount of time a person spends in bed. For example, someone initially sleeps very late at night, past normal hours of sleep for several hours. He always wakes up at the appointed time. Sleep time develops with an increase in one’s sleep success for 10 to 15 minutes. Patients keep sleep records to help track progress. Tese kind of treatment for Insomnia must you try.