Treatment for Narcolepsy – Medications and Lifestyle Changes

treatment for narcolepsy
Treatment for narcolepsy

Treatment for narcolepsy will be suggested by your doctor but it depends on the etiology in the first place. This condition has no cure but is manageable for sure. The treatments are supposed to help you cope and reduce the sleep attacks since the attacks could be very dangerous in certain circumstances. On the other hand, your doctor may need some time to determine the right treatment plan.

Narcolepsy can complicate which of the following health condition:

Narcolepsy can complicate which of the following health condition
Narcolepsy can complicate which of the following health condition

The doctors will suggest a series of treatment for narcolepsy to you. It will be an important thing because narcolepsy could lead to complications or make you have a higher chance of developing a certain condition. There are at least four things considered as the complications of narcolepsy even though all of them are not mainly related to certain health conditions.

The first thing is obesity. People with narcolepsy tend to have a low metabolism and on the other hand, they would love to eat a lot than those with no narcolepsy. It is also caused by the low level of hypocretin as well.

It also causes some physical harm especially when the sleep attacks came very suddenly. It increases the risk of car accident since this condition may suddenly attack you even if you are driving. Other than that, you may have a higher chance of getting burned and cuts while you are cooking or preparing foods.

As we have mentioned on in another article, type 1 narcolepsy is triggered by an intense emotional reaction. Some people may choose to hold any feeling in order to avoid the condition. Also, it may lead to public misunderstanding.

Narcolepsy meds for good effects and minimum side effects

Narcolepsy meds for good effects and minimum side effects
Narcolepsy meds for good effects and minimum side effects

Once you know about what is narcolepsy, you may want to know about your treatment option. Certain medications may give side effects but some of them may also have minimum side effects. Has Strattera helped anyone with narcolepsy taken with Adderall? Adderall is able to treat narcolepsy but both are not FDA-approved for this condition.

The doctor may suggest stimulants for you to make you stay awake in the daytime. The stimulants include modafinil and armodafinil. Both have a very low chance of side effect but some reports said that anxiety, nausea, and headache may occur even though uncommon. For a stronger effect, your doctor may suggest methylphenidate which is more effective even though could be addictive. Nervousness and heart palpitations are known for the side effect.

Other medications may include SSRIs and SNRIs. Those are supposed to suppress REM sleep and alleviate sleep paralysis along with other symptoms of narcolepsy. The side effects include insomnia, weight gain, and digestive issues.

Tricyclic antidepressants are very effective for this condition but it may cause lightheadedness and dry mouth. Sodium oxybate is another medication to reduce the cataplexy effect. However, side effects may include nausea, sleepwalking, and bed-wetting. You cannot take this medication with alcohol or consume pain reliever at the same time because it could lead to death. And this is anything you need to know about treatment for narcolepsy.

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