Treatment of sleep paralysis

Treatment of sleep paralysis: Medication and Therapy

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Treatment of sleep paralysis can be both using medication and even using the therapy. The sleep paralysis will also affect another sign of another sleep disorder. Sleep paralysis can also be known as sleep atonia and it is occurring in the stage of REM. The person who has the sleep paralysis will be unable to move. They will also find themselves falling asleep and cannot move their body. Or even when they want to wake up, they cannot move their body for few minutes. Sleep paralysis will also occur with some other symptoms like hallucination, bizarre and also like supernatural being experience.

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

The sleep paralysis disorder will relate to REM parasomnia. It commonly happens when someone has a lighter stage of their sleep. It means that someone will experience sleep paralysis when they are in the transition between waking up and sleeping. Many people consider that this sleep issue is one of the dangerous sleep issues. It also can affect the personal life of someone when they don’t get the right treatment.

Treatment of sleep paralysis will depend on the diagnose of the symptoms. There are many symptoms that also come with sleep paralysis. Someone can also have a difficulty in breathing and they feel there is something crushes their chest. Not only they cannot move their body, but they also experience the disability to move their eyes. They cannot move their eyes and cannot open it. They also feel fear and frightened and even they see demon or evil.

Therapy treatment of sleep paralysis

Some people might ask can you get treatment for sleep paralysis? The answer is yes. People with this sleep paralysis syndrome can stop the symptoms. Many specialists said that sleep paralysis will be a benign. That is why many physicians do not recommend any treatment for this. But if the sleep paralysis is bothering someone and affect their life, it will need a cure.

They can get sleep paralysis treatment therapy when it comes from their mental health. Sometimes, it will give them a depression sign when they experience sleep paralysis. They will feel the anxiety in bigger feeling. They will also be more frightened and they cannot sleep. That is why the treatment will give by the specialists. They get the treatment in order to eliminate and decrease the symptoms. They can have a healthy lifestyle such as by minimizing their sleep deprivation. They also need to sop the consumption of alcohol and drugs. That is not good for their health and it triggers the sleep paralysis.

Having a regular exercise will be really useful to decrease the symptoms. Exercise helps people to keep healthy both mind and body.  Avoiding the consumption of caffeine is also good for people who get sleep paralysis. It doesn’t give any beneficial if you drink too much caffeine before sleep. Large meal also is not good. There is no need to get much energy when you want to sleep. Instead it will make you stay awake all the night.

Medication treatment of sleep paralysis

Many people also ask about sleep paralysis treatment medications. Actually some medication might be the cause of sleep paralysis. That is why there is no option for medication to cure sleep paralysis and its symptoms. However, some physicians will help their patients who experience sleep paralysis by giving the anti depressant. They will give it in a very low dose so it will not affect and make the sleep paralysis worse.

Treatment of sleep paralysis can be different from one person to others. It will depend on what the doctor suggest. Some people even do not need any treatment and the sleep paralysis will be gone.