Easy Solutions for Trouble Falling Asleep

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Nobody wants to have difficulty sleeping considering how important it is to our wellbeing. Sleeping is the time when the body grows and repairs itself. However, not everyone is lucky to be able to sleep soundly. Some struggle to enter the REM phase even after doing everything. Besides, a lack of sleep can also lead to emotional issues like depression. For those who have trouble falling asleep, the following tips might help:

Don’t oversleep in the afternoon

Taking a nap is good, but oversleeping is not. Many people tend to take a long nap and then have little sleep at night. It’s not how the body is supposed to work. Night is the time when you should rest the body for longer. The duration of daytime sleep should not exceed 2 hours. Sleeping too much can affect your body negatively, like you can wake up feeling exhausted. The worst part is it could affect your night’s sleep.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Tidy up the room

It’s hard to sleep in a cluttered room. If you think your room condition has to do with your sleep problems, then don’t wait to clean up the mess. Put things back in storage and tidy up the whole room. Once the room feels comfy again, it’s about time until you feel drowsy and ready to sleep.

Reduce caffeine intake

This has been discussed to death actually. Most of us are aware of the strong effect of caffeine. Caffeine has properties that increase alertness, so don’t be surprised if you have trouble sleeping after drinking a few cups before bed. Coffee is not the only drink with this substance. Tea and soft drinks also have it in varying amounts.

Since it’s a powerful stimulant, you should reduce the consumption especially close to bedtime. Besides, caffeine is also known as a diuretic, which means it will make you want to pee more. Imagine if you need to constantly empty your bladder at night. It will definitely disrupt your sleep.

Sleep at the same time every day

Teach yourself to sleep at the same time daily. Otherwise, it will probably affect your circadian rhythm. What if you have still work to do? Then finish it earlier before bedtime. Many people use this as an excuse to postpone sleep. It’s not wise at all because doing it for a long time may cause you to develop actual sleep issues.

Dim your bedroom lights

Some people can’t sleep with lights on, while others are the opposite. If you still want to keep the lights on, then changing the brightness levels will probably help provide comfort. As we know, bright lights tend to stimulate alertness. If you want to feel comfy before sleeping, we suggest you dim the lights.