Types of Headaches: What Types of Headaches To Be Concerned About?

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How many types of headaches do you know? It would be a long explanation talking about headaches, types, and the level of serious illness. As we know that, headaches can attack anyone in different symptoms and the ways of body response. The pain is bad and seriously hurtful whether it is in the head and the body. The pain is surround the skull because our brain has no nerves. It can rise the pain sensation with different duration. If you have headaches, recognize how your body feel it. The symptoms are different based on the types of headaches.

how many different types of headaches are there
how many different types of headaches are there

How many different types of headaches are there?

Headaches society releases classification system of headaches. This becomes new classification during the Era. This goal is for all of the medical participant to get more specific diagnosis. It is a must for all health care professional to find the accurate diagnoses. So that, the patient can have proper medication with or without medicine.

These are classification of headaches such as primary, secondary, and cranial/facial pain. The guideline is helpful to learn the symptoms that may be consistent with one or two headaches. Commonly, every people might have one and two kinds of headache type and also the symptoms that they feel.

What is primary headache? These categories are migraine, cluster, and tension. Tension headaches often occurs in any one both man and woman. There are many methods to cure the tension headaches. It is still in the low level or not serious illness.

Migraine headaches becomes the most health problem which can also affect children and adults as well. It occurs before and after puberty in different ages. While, the cluster headaches are the only one of rare headache type. But it does not mean can attack adult only. Because children and woman are often suffer from the pain.

Types of headaches to be concerned about

Well, the primary headaches can influence our quality of life. The occasional headaches what people feel, it can be solved quickly. But, there are also types of headaches to be concerned about. You can find the answer here.

What are secondary headaches? Those are due to the specific problem of structure of the head, neck, and spine. The most common painful is around the neck and head. The conditions are affected by the sinus, teeth, bleeding in the brain (encephalitis or meningitis). There will be whole life time medication to cure the secondary headaches. This classification needs accurate diagnosis to have suitable medication.

The patients have secondary headaches record are categorized as post-concussion headaches or substance abuse. So, do not drink alcohol or you can feel bad dehydration. It is the first way how a headache establishes following the changing of time.

What are the third classification of headaches? Those are cranial neuralgias and facial pain. Nerve pain is also another term of Neuralgia. This headache pain has correlation between muscles and sensory signals. These signals give the pain around head and neck. So that, it can affect the cranial nerve V (the trigeminal nerve) supplies the sensor to facial pain.

There are 17 types of headaches where they belong. You can check from this website the detail of headaches such as primary and secondary. Secondary headaches are really serious illness. You can see the cause of this headache such as trauma, disorder, infection, structural part of body, and substance abuse.

For all of the types of headache, the cause of headache is the key whether it is dangerous or not. If the structural of head and neck are not usual, it can affect the acute headache. Check this out how to cure headaches without medicine.