Types of Insomnia

Knows the Different Types of Insomnia

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Types of insomnia can be so many depending on what causes it. Some people think that insomnia is just a common problem of sleep and it is not a big deal. They believe that insomnia happens not every day. It just the matter of your inability to fall asleep. However, the truth is insomnia is not an easy sleep disorder to deal with. Insomnia is not only the difficulty in falling asleep but also it makes people stay up at night.

If people have insomnia, they may experience those signs. This insomnia disorder can attack anyone and it will be so bothering.  Even so, people keep asking can I get a medical card for insomnia? actually they don’t need it. This sleep disorder can last short term and also long term and it can cure without medicine. So here are some different types of insomnia you need to know.

Transient Insomnia

The transient insomnia is the kind of insomnia that only last no more than one week. Transient insomnia is the shortest insomnia. And it is easy to differentiate it with another types. This insomnia doesn’t need any treatment because it can go by itself.

The symptoms are also similar to the common insomnia like sleepiness in daytime. People will also find themselves hard to fall asleep. It also causes by similar cause like the common insomnia. The cause of this transient is anxiety, stress, and side effect of medication.

Acute Insomnia

The next type of insomnia is acute insomnia. Similar to transient insomnia, acute insomnia is also a short term insomnia. However, this acute insomnia will last no longer tan one month. The sign of this insomnia will at least occurs three times in a week. And each week will always get the disruption of insomnia. So, in a month, people with acute insomnia will get 12 times experiencing difficulty in falling asleep.

Short Term Insomnia

Types of insomnia is generally short period and this one will last in 3 months. This is the common insomnia that people will experience. According to research, as many as 20 percent people will get short term insomnia. The cause of this insomnia is vary like financial problems, health condition, a new home, and also traumatic event. This condition is affecting so much from external factors. People sometimes confused about the difference between insomnia and apnea is that the cause.

Chronic Insomnia

The last type of insomnia is the chronic insomnia. This type will last longer than another type. Chronic insomnia is the long term sleeping disorder. Usually, this insomnia will last more than 3 months. Even though it is longer among the others, chronic insomnia is usually rather simple to treat. This insomnia commonly happens to adult and elderly people. This insomnia causes by the condition of mental. The sleep environment or mental condition can be the cause of this insomnia. High level of stress and also nervous or anxiety can lead to this insomnia.  

Adjustment Insomnia

Adjustment insomnia is one of the condition in which the insomnia relate to another life event. When you are wondering the difference between insomnia and sleep apnea is that there is no relation with this. The cause of adjustment insomnia is similar to acute insomnia. So, the ways to fall asleep when you have insomnia is to avoid the cause of insomnia. This is the best way to prevent the sleep disorder like insomnia.

Types of insomnia will help people to easily recognize the sleep problem they have. It helps them to get the right treatment and also the best way to stop it. When they know what they face, it can be easier to handle it.