Do These if You’re Unable to Sleep

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The inability to have a sound sleep may or may not indicate a serious health issue. However, it’s not always a cause for concern because it’s also part of the natural aging process. However, if you’re still young and already having this issue, you may want to figure out why it happens. It could be triggered by medications or something you consumed during the day. Here are a few things to do if you’re unable to sleep at night.

Drink less coffee

Coffee is often blamed for causing sleep problems. The caffeine can keep you awake especially if you have low tolerance to this drink. In order to reduce its effect on your sleep, don’t drink close to bedtime. Caffeine works by stimulating adrenaline production, which in turn increases your heart rate and overall alertness. As a result, it will be hard to relax.

Do These if You’re Unable to Sleep

If you drank quite a lot of coffee before bed, then it’s probably the reason you’re unable to sleep. All you can do is wait until the effect wears off naturally. Next time remember to monitor your coffee intake. It’s not just coffee, though. Anything that has caffeine in it may lead to the same issue, so be cautious with what you drink.

Listen to white noise

White noise is a type of sound consisting of different frequencies that the human ear can hear. Such a unique combination results in its ability to block strong sounds like a door slamming. Many distracting sounds could be heard during your sleep, but most of us wouldn’t wake up if they weren’t distracting enough. Unfortunately, some people are very sensitive that they can easily be disturbed when these sounds occur around them.

It doesn’t take a special tool to create white noise. The sound of a fan is considered a white noise. A TV can also create a white noise when the screen shows no signal. But if you need a device specifically designed for this purpose, commercial white noise machines are sold widely in stores nowadays.

Take a shower

If you’re unable to sleep, why not take a holistic approach? Taking a bath while inhaling an aromatic candle will help as it’s therapeutic. Did you go to the gym before? Many of us would have a problem sleeping when the body is wet and sticky from excessive sweating. Even if you aren’t sweating, showering will still do wonders. Water helps cool down the body by distributing heat evenly throughout the body before dissipating it through the pores in the hands and feet. The decrease of body temperature will make you relaxed, so you become more prepared for sleep.