What Causes Your Watery Eyes Runny Nose?

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There are a few causes of watery eyes runny nose. It’s important to identify the cause before seeking treatment because each cause requires a different approach. It may sound trivial, but a runny nose could be a symptom of something more serious. That’s why you need to talk to a doctor to figure out what has triggered your condition. Here are some of the common causes:

Watery Eyes Runny Nose

The common cold

A runny nose often accompanies the common cold. This could be caused by a viral infection. Although viral infections normally go away on their own, treatment is still required to manage the symptoms. This illness has affected almost everyone at least once in their lifetime.

Prevention can be difficult as viruses spread easily through air. Thankfully, there are medications you can use to improve the symptoms. It normally last just a few days. If you notice the issue still persists or worsens after day 10, contact your doctor as soon as possible.


Allergies are also commonly associated with a constant runny nose. Not everyone has allergies, let alone severe allergies. As long as you don’t come in contact with an allergen, a runny nose won’t happen. There are times when people are more prone to allergic reactions, like in the fall and spring.

Some people are allergic to pollens from flowering plants. Since they travel through air, a runny nose is a common occurrence at these particular seasons. Antihistamines are typically chosen as the primary option for this condition.

Temperature drop

When the temperature drops very suddenly, it may trigger changes in the body which may manifest in the form of trembling and a runny nose. They are just the way the body adapts to the environment. It’s normal to have a runny nose when the air is cold. Your sinuses will produce more mucus that will run out of the nostrils. This is not a big deal. The symptoms will improve as the body manages to adapt to the low temperature.

Eating too much peppers

There are people who love the burning taste of peppers. Others can’t tolerate even the faintest hint of spiciness. Have you noticed that someone would sweat a lot after eating spicy food? His nose would also become congested right after that. This reaction has nothing to do with the immune system. It occurs because the compounds in peppers stimulate the nervous system. The runny nose is usually temporary when it’s caused by eating spicy food. Once the effect wears off, the congestion will clear up on its own.