What Causes Headaches and Hotness in the Body?

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What causes headaches as we might know that headache is really painful. Headache is the most common health problem. This problem will affect anyone no matter how old they are and both men and women. In a given year, almost all of adults will experience headache. However, there are many causes of this health problem.

Causes of Headache

Headache can occur because of many factors. It is all because headache has several types that will occur in different part of our head. Headache can occur in the front of head or in the both side of head. Headache can also occur in only one main area. In which this area is a pain-sensitive area.

1. Primary Headache

What causes headaches in this pain sensitive area is over-activity of the head structure. The area of head is muscles, head nerves, neck nerves, and blood vessels. Headache is also causing by the chemical changes inside the brain. So, when you feel like having headache, it means there are something wrong with those area.

The most common headaches you will get are tension headache, cluster headache, and also migraines. Those are the type of headache that is causing by the over activity in sensitive pain area.

2. Secondary Headache

The primary headache is a problem with the area of a head. Meanwhile the secondary headache is a headache happening inside the pain sensitive nerves in the head. This pain sensitive nerves will get pain when it stimulates with certain condition. So, it is causing by another causes. There are many factors that can cause this headache.

If you used to drink alcohol too much, it will cause the headache. Blood clots, bleeding and brain tumor can also be the cause. Less water consumption can lead to the dehydration and it will also cause headache. Headache of this secondary is also causing by the teeth grinding in the night. Panic attacks and also stroke can be the trigger of headache.

Some headaches are also a serious health problem. They have some severe symptoms and it is persistent. If the headache is very disruptive and painful, it will be better to see doctor. It can also be worse with another symptom such as fever, neck stiffness and also sensory changes. Since headache can accompany with fever, so what causes headache and hotness of the body is the fever itself.

Some people are also questioning what causes a headache from sleeping too long. Sleeping with over time will also cause headache. Sleeping too long should be cover with some active movement. When people get headache because of their long sleep, they need to do outdoor activity.

What causes headaches can also trigger by the movement of the body. If we move our head too hard, it will cause the headache. Sleeping with wrong position will also cause the stiffness on the neck. It will also lead to the headache. If the headache comes everyday and it severe, the headache should be treated well by doctor.