what causes sleep paralysis during the day
What causes sleep paralysis during the day

What Causes Sleep Paralysis and How to Treat It?

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what causes sleep paralysis during the day
What causes sleep paralysis during the day

What causes sleep paralysis is actually from the inside of the body. The sleep paralysis the disability to open mouth or speak and move the body right after someone is waking up. Actually, this is a common experience but for some people, this might be scared them. It sounds creepy though but it is only a time in which someone is in the step of wake up and sleeping. This phenomenon rarely linked to the psychiatric problem.

People stay conscious but unable to make any movement. This is the transition from being sleep to be awake. And during this transition, there will be some pressures that some people experienced such as choking. Usually, this sleep paralysis happens once or two times.  If this sleep paralysis happens when you are sleeping, this is called as predormital sleep paralysis or hypnagogic. However, when this phenomenon happens as you are waking up, this is called as postdormital sleep paralysis or hypnopompic.

Sleep Paralysis Myth

Many people also believe some myths about sleep paralysis. They might not understand the scientific explanation about sleep paralysis and what they know is only from their ancient story. Sleep paralysis is also described in some religions like the sleep paralysis is caused by the devil, ghosts, and demon. However, there is no scientific evidence for this belief.

Others said that sleep paralysis is caused by mental health problem. Some people said that the use of medication for mental-health patient will cause the sleep paralysis. Some think that they have sleep paralysis death. Another assumption about this sleep paralysis is the nightmares and dreams. They believe that sleep paralysis is only a nightmare and it does not real at all. This might be the natural opinion and close to the truth. Since it was explained above that sleep paralysis happens in between sleep and awake. That’s why different people will give different assumption of what they have experienced and known as sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

sleep paralysis symptoms causes and treatment
Sleep paralysis symptoms causes and treatment

Sleep paralysis can be so unpleasant for some people. It is not only because they cannot move or speak, but rather complicated that some people experience a hallucination. This will make the situation even worse because they don’t realize what actually the do. So, many people try to find out the way to stop this sleep disorder. However before deciding how to stop this, the better action is to know the causes first.

What causes sleep paralysis is linked to the REM or rapid eye movement and also NREM or non rapid eye movement. These two factors are what happen when someone is sleeping and the cycle of them is during 90 minutes for each. The first cycle is the NREM and it takes longer time (almost 75% of the sleeping time). In this stage, your body will relax and get to restore the energy. The next stage is REM phase. This is the phase in which the dream will happen and the body and muscle still relaxing. This is a deep sleep phase so when this phase is ended, you will be aware that you cannot move / speak.

Many people said that the sleep paralysis is linked to depression and anxiety. The consumption of alcohol can be also the trigger of this situation. The history of family member with sleep paralysis symptoms is the evident that sleep paralysis can be caused by the genetic factor. 

How to Stop Sleep Paralysis?

Human’s body will be so relax when sleeping. This relax time will really make someone less aware and make them does not aware about any change or movement. This condition is so much different from sleep apnea symptoms even though the name sounds similar. Even though may be the symptoms and the cause look similar, but it is clearly different.

Some people report that they experience sleep paralysis when they sleep in a supine position. This position is where you sleep on your back. So, to stop or eliminate the occurrence of sleep paralysis, the sleep position should be changed.

What causes sleep paralysis might be different from each person. To avoid this or even to stop it, the best thing to do is to have a better sleep. Make a certain daily sleeping time to help getting a better sleep.