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What Causes Snoring for Female?

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What causes snoring still becomes the most questionable thing for some adults especially women. Actually, there are various explanations about the cause of snoring both from science and also psychology. What causes snoring in females are not too different from male. From the anatomy point of view, snoring is caused by the airway from both mouth and throat. If the upper airway is closed, so the noisy breath will come up. That’s what we call as snoring. People with overweight, enlarged tongue, and also enlarged tonsils will experience snoring more than other people. All of those are the cause of snoring because it narrows down the airway.

Snoring Causes and Effects

1 from 3 men is getting snoring more often and 1 in 5 women is getting snoring as their sleeping habit. This snoring is also caused by the sleep apnea in which you cannot get the healthy and refreshed sleep. Instead, you get to wake up every time because of the snoring. When a person gets snoring, he / she will need to take more oxygen. Sleep apnea also linked to someone’s health condition. If someone is suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, they will tend to snore every night. If it happens so frequently, you might consider it as a chronic problem.

Many doctors said that this obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the type of sleep disorder. Actually, not all people snoring at night have this obstructive sleep apnea. However, if they snore and get this OSA with some symptoms, it should be treated differently. If someone has OSA, they tend to have a loud snoring and disturbing the partner sleeping beside them. Some people get snoring and OSA along with breathing stops for some times. This breathing pause will give a signal for a person to wake up. Then, they will wake up with gasping sound and a very loud snort. This pattern can be repeated many times every night at least five times in one hour.

This OSA will also trigger by the over sleeping in the daytime, morning headache, high blood pressure, and also chest pain at night and also gasping and chocking. This symptom indication might be treated well by doctor.

What causes snoring are not only the anatomy of mouth and nose, but also some other factors such as the consumption of alcohol, cold, sinuses, and also allergies. Human needs times to get from light sleep into deep sleep. When the muscle of the upper mouth (the roof), throat, and tongue are relax, it means you are ready to get into deep sleep. Then what makes you snore at night if you are in the deep sleep? Here are the explanation what causing you to snore at night if you are in the deep sleep.

Mouth Anatomy Causing Snoringwhat causes snoring

First thing first is the anatomy of the mouth as explained above? The matter of mouth anatomy is they have a low and thick palate and when it narrows while sleeping, it will block the airway. That is why the snoring comes out. Then, another most common problem is the alcohol consumption. Many people consume alcohol whether young or adult, men or women. They can get many problems with it honestly especially from the health.

Alcohol Consumption Relaxing the Soft Palate

If a person drink alcohol too much before they are sleeping, it will increase the airway obstruction. Alcohol will make the muscle inside the throat feels relax, and the natural immune cannot against the alcohol effect. This way will cause snoring at night. They will have problems with their throat first after drinking too much. Then, when they are sleeping in a deep sleep, the snore will come just easily.

It will also trigger the nasal problems as well. If you already have a  chronic nasal symptoms, it will also be the cause of snoring. For example, if there is a crooked partition in the nostrils or the congestion on nasal, it can contribute enough to this snoring. Indeed, it will be better to check your health regularly or if you cannot sleep because this snoring bothers you so much so you can get the treatment about how to not snore

Wrong Sleep Position Causing Snoring

What causes snoring is also the matter about the position while sleeping. Many people are unconsciously sleeping in various positions. With certain position, it can help someone to relax but at the same time it can also cause a snoring problem. If you are choosing to sleep on your back on the surface, it will narrows down the airways and causing snoring. Against back the gravity is not a good position. You will make a very loudly snore and it will bother another person. Not only the position matters but also the duration of sleep. Get enough sleep if you want to avoid this snoring.