what causes stuffy nose
what causes stuffy nose

What Causes a Stuffy Nose? Find Out The Information Here!

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what causes stuffy nose
What causes stuffy nose

What causes the stuffy nose actually? One of the health problems that make people feel irritated and uncomfortable is a disorder in the body such as a blocked nose. Everyone can experience this disease, ranging from children to adults. There are several factors why people can get nasal congestion, one of which is a blockage in the nasal passages. Nasal congestion often makes people who are attacked become less eager in their activities. In addition, he also has difficulty breathing.

What is a stuffy nose actually? Maybe some of you don’t understand what a blocked nose is. Nasal congestion is a condition that interferes with the breathing process due to a blocked airway. Blockages that occur in the nasal passages are caused by swollen nasal passages. The swelling is due to the nasal duct membrane lining experiencing inflammation and irritation.

What is stuffy nose for people who are suffering from it? Nasal congestion is very annoying for most people. This condition will make sufferers feel insecure when speaking. When your nose is blocked, your brother automatically becomes different and sounds funny. That is why, if someone has this disease, it will be very easy for them to get bullies because your voice is funny. In addition, you will also have difficulty when breathing air and removing it again. Of course, this condition is very disturbing, right? Then what actually causes the nasal congestion? Check out the information below to the end to find out!

The Cause of A Stuffy Nose That You Should Know

There are many reasons why nasal congestion can occur in humans. One common cause is due to irritation caused by dirty air or air pollution. The condition when a person experiences this disease is the occurrence of tissue disorders in the nasal passages. Then, what are the other causes? Check out “what causes stuffy nose” below!

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1. Coughs And Colds

The usual cause most people believe is because of coughs and colds. When someone suffers from this disease, there will be interference with the nose and throat. This is what causes the upper nasal passages to become blocked. Coughs and colds suffered by people can be caused by dirt or unclean air and inflammation of the airways. This disease will heal over time. However, you need to be patient because the healing time is generally 7 to 10 days. Therefore, if you already feel the symptoms of a cold cough, you should immediately take the medication or see a doctor.

2. Flu

The next cause is flu. What are the differences from flu and cold? Flu is a disorder of the respiratory tract caused by a virus. The channel that is attacked is the lungs and throat. While colds are caused by dirty air and inflammation of the nose and throat. People who suffer from flu will be very susceptible to developing nasal congestion too. This will be more severe if someone experiences health complications.

3. Allergy

Allergies can be the cause of nasal congestion. This disease is caused by an allergy that someone suffers because it cannot stand certain substances. That is why, when a person has an allergy, the most common symptom is sneezing or runny nose. Colds that occur due to the production of excessive mucus in the nasal cavity are caused by congestion.

4. Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis occurs when a person has a severe cough and cold. Patients in this disease will experience nasal inflammation and narrowing of the nasal cavity. the result of which is that the nose will become blocked and slimy.

What Causes Stuffy Nose When Sleeping?

What causes stuffy nose when sleeping? Ggenerally, when the night comes, people will be very susceptible to a blocked nose. This can be caused by excess mucus and blood pressure change. Usually this is also caused by an irregular sleeping position that makes the mucus in the nose difficult to get out.

What causes stuffy nose at night? Nasal congestion at night can also occur when someone has an allergy to cold air caused by a virus in your environment. So, it’s commonly caused by virus or infection.

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In the process, when you experience a slimy nose, mucus will automatically improve its performance in destroying viruses and bacteria that attack the body, or commonly called pathogens. However, at the same time, there will usually be inflammation of the nose which eventually results in nasal congestion.

Nasal congestion is a simple health problem, however, this will greatly disrupt the activities of patients, especially if they experience it at night. Of course, this will make them uncomfortable and calm. Therefore, so that your nose can heal quickly, take special care such as doing a quick way to relieve a stuffy nose without medication or you can check with your personal doctor. Hopefully the discussion about “what causes stuffy nose?” can provide information to you!