What is a headache? Meet How to cure it Without Medicine

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What is a headache? This is one of the most common medical problem that people have experienced. A headache can disturb anyone without knowing of age, gender, and race. However, every people feel different pain when they get a headache. This article tells you the differences, types and causes of headache.

As we know that, a headache can set people when, and how it comes. Without the best medical treatment, it is quite slow to relieve the pain. But, some medical treatments probably is not suitable for you. Those are for the acute patients. They need more medical attentions which can take them away from pain, stress, panic, and others.

First of all, let me tell you how many types of headache and the most common symptoms that always happen. Do no not think that with and without medicine, you can solve the problems. You must know the types of headache first.

Different types of headaches and causes
Different types of headaches and causes

Different Type of Headaches And Causes

Love can come and go whenever she wants. Well, a headache also can come accidently day and night. Whatever you do before and after your activities, there are about 150 types of headaches.  But, I will tell you the most common types that always happen in our daily life. These are different types of headaches and cause you must know.

Tension Headache

A tension headache is very common which disturbers among teens and adults. Even though we feel nothing and really calm in the morning, the pain can increase in the afternoon. Normally, this headache can be either namely episodic or chronic.

Episodic happens in short duration in early morning and ends up in the afternoon. While, tension headache in chronic condition, it can occur several days in a month. Tension headche usually have no causes of other symptoms.

Migraine Headache

Every people have different blood types, congenital diseases, daily activities, and also the structure of head. Migraines always occur in adult with age 20+.  It can cause a pulsating around head. After that, you feel throbbing pain in one side of your head. This migraine can also disturb your accompanied by nausea, auras, and blurred vision. Not everyone has experienced with sensory disturbances.

Migraines in children can cause digestive symptoms and vomiting. The children look pale, feels dizzy, fever, and blurry vision. It is very dangerous, if children always get migraines. So, as their parents, you must learn the symptoms.

Rebound Headaches

The patient who gets rebound headaches can cause neck pain, less sleep hour, and feels nasal congestion. The symptoms can come different way and day. It needs a lot attention and an excessive medication.

Cluster Headaches

This type of headache includes short duration between 15m-3h per day. There are no certain headche symptoms. It can cause pain around head like one sided, severe, burning, and it can also pain around eye. You can find red and swollen area, and you become stuffy nose and runny nose.

How to make a headache go away fast without medicine
How to make a headache go away fast without medicine

How to Make A Headache Go Away Fast Without Medicine

If you want to see the doctor, there will be several suggestions that are suitable for you. In the medical treatments, people can find another alternatives how to make a headache go away fast without medicine. You can choose one of suitable one for you by running second medication method. Those are acupuncture, cognitive behavioral method therapy, and meditation.

Another one medication without medicine is hypnosis and meditation. You can prepare yourself for yoga class and meet your mediation course. The best country which provides meditation is India, Thailand, and Japan.

Therefore, what is headache and the way to cure it? Well, there is no specific research to confirm those alternative medications can work for everybody. You can prove by yourself and feel free to try one of those methods.