What Is a Sinus Infection: Symptoms and Contagious Sign?

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what is a sinus infection
What is a sinus infection

What is a sinus infection? Is it different from sinusitis? How could we know that we have infected? What is the symptom? How to cure it? There are too many question people are confused about sinus infection. Sinus infection is similar term to sinusitis. This is an illness that causes our sinus cannot be used to breath normally. Usually it is blocked by some mucus inside that comes from germs, virus, and bacteria. This is also a common complication which easily occur when someone get an allergy or catch a cold.

When someone has an allergy or catches a cold, it’s not always something that can be cured easily. This is also difficult when someone cannot tell whether they have a common cold and allergy or they have a sinus infection. However, there are major sinus infection symptoms that can be seen such as the pressure feeling in face, having a thick greenish or yellowish mucus, get a toothache in back tooth or upper tooth. So, when this key indication is appearing with a cold or an allergy, and it last for more than 2 weeks, it can be assumed that someone get sinus infection. Someone may also suffer with this symptom for about months and it can indicate the acute sinus infection if they don’t get the right treatment.

Sinus Infection Causes and Symptoms for Different Types

Sinus infection is grouped into two main types which are acute sinus and chronic sinus. Different type will have different symptoms. If someone gets an acute sinus infection, it can be seen that they get a tenderness or pressure in the face. Usually it appears in the eyes, cheeks, and forehead and sometimes it also follows with a swelling feeling. This pain will be worsen if they get lean forward.

What is a sinus infection symptom for acute sinus infection? There is the nasal congestion as the symptom. This will cause someone to breath in difficult way from the nose. This will also follow with runny nose containing greenish mucus. The smell ability will also decrease while the sore throat may be appeared. It will be worsen at night because sometimes the cough is also one of the acute sinus symptoms.

Both children and adults can get these symptoms. There is no different symptom because this acute sinus infection can attack children and adults. However, if it happens to children, the parents should be aware because their children cannot explain what they feel. The most common additional symptoms are like fatigue, vomiting, and also they get fever for about more than 3 days. If this symptom is followed by dark nasal disorder, the parents should go to doctor to get the right sinus infection treatment. This sinus infection symptom may last more than 10 days, so if it happens more than 10 days, it will be better to see the doctor.

The next sinus infection type is the chronic sinus infection. Actually the symptom of chronic sinus infection is rather similar to acute sinus. But, this will last longer than the acute sinus, sometimes for about 12 weeks or more. If it doesn’t last for those week and you may recognize there is a feeling pain in your face, runny nose or post nasal drip causing mucus, nasal congestion, and also decreasing of smell sense, it can be diagnose that you have chronic sinus. Fatigue is the common symptoms for everyone suffering from this sinus infection.

The Complication of Sinus Infection

Many people are also afraid that the sinus infection contagious. That’s why they tend to consume a lot of antibiotics. However, the sinus infection antibiotics will only be prescribed by the doctor if the sinus is caused by bacteria. Sinus infection is not contagious. They may have a common symptom like cold, but by using mask and take a rest at home, it will never be contagious.

What is a sinus infection cannot only be described through its symptoms. Sometimes, there are also more complication of sinus infection. Usually this complication is caused by the bacteria. But this is a rare symptoms and the case is only 1 of 1,000 sinus infection case. Sinus can be treated and cured by the right treatment doing by doctor. So, it will be better to see doctor rather than trying to cure sinus by self.