what is apnea
what is apnea

What Is Apnea and Can We Control it?

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What is apnea? Most of you may have ever heard this word, right? Yes, it is one of sleep disorder which is seriously danger if we don’t care about this. Apnea attacks person’s sleep by stopping their respiratory for moment or even for long time. It is surely dangerous because human should sleep with enough oxygen with good breathing. Can you imagine if your body and brain has little oxygen intake? Of course, it will bring you to some troubles in health.

what is apnea
What is apnea

Why can’t I sleep in the night like other people do? You should know the problems why you can’t sleep well. Are you doing good habit daily or do you have any disease which affect to your sleep? Commonly a person who can’t fall in sleep easily is because of their bad habit. What are they? They are such as drinking alcohol in dinner time with no limit, smoking habit, having bad mattress quality, turning on tablet and TV’s screen, consuming much food with no nutrition, often consuming coffee or tea which contains much caffeine and others.

Why can’t sleep even I have done many good activities? You may think that by doing good activity, you will have good sleep. Yes, that’s right. But, there is reason why people can’t sleep at night with good habit is because they are attacked bu a disease which disorders their sleep. The disease is called apnea. What are the symptoms of this disease? And what will happen if we never care of it? See the explanation below in detail!

What Is Apnea? The Definition of Apnea and Symptoms You Should Know

What is apnea? Apnea is a condition when your sleep is interrupted by stopped breathing. Talking about apnea, it has some types you have to know. The types are obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and complex sleep apnea. Commonly the symptoms of apnea for all types are snoring loudly, feeling headache in the morning, gasping for air, insomnia (difficulty in staying asleep), stop breathing during sleep which is known by other people, irritability, difficulty in paying attention when you’re awake, and your mouth become dryer.

Sleep Apnea Memory Loss Reversible, Is It True?

You know that the experiment of “sleep apnea memory loss reversible” has been confirmed and it has to be solved soon to save people’s life. Believe or not, this disease can bring people into the death or serious disease. The most part will be attacked is person’s brain. A person who has sleep apnea, the brain gets reduction in white matter fiber integrity significantly. Do you ever feel that your brain or memory doesn’t function is it does previously? Sleep apnea may be the cause of why your memory can’t be sharp anymore. This disordered disease will make you less oxygen because it can stop you breathing during sleep.

That’s why people who get this disorder should treat themselves by doing a recommended therapy.  One of the most popular therapies to improve brain structure is CPAP therapy. By doing this therapy, people will likely reduce their snoring, gasping, choking, or even problem of stopping breathing during sleep.  What other benefit of this therapy? Other benefits you can get are reducing daytime sleepiness, improving the high blood, and so on.

Sleep Apnea Dementia Symptoms

It’s already indicated that sleep apnea seriously can be connected to memory, brain functioning, even the risk of dementia. What is dementia? Sleep apnea dementia symptoms is also called as a syndrome may people ever or currently face. People who are disordered by this syndrome will get the declining of think ability, conversation, do activity, remember, and independent progressively. The most causes of this syndrome is a relentless brain-wasting disease which makes the toxic protein build up the brain.

Even though, it’s not really proved that dementia is caused by sleep apnea, many researches think that both of them have correlation which can be connected each other. The resource said that people who had dementia mush have ever had sleep apnea. It also occurs to people who had Alzheimer. People who had this disease may be going to have sleep apnea rather than people who don’t. Forget all the arguments, taking care of your selves by seeing to the doctor is very recommended to find out and identify the treatment.

Sleep apnea is not truly danger if you know how to solve it. Beside doing therapy, you can decrease the symptoms by consuming supplements, meals with any nutrition, not drinking caffeine in too over, schedule your sleep time, not to smoke, not to drink alcohol in too over, not to think much which make you stressful, and others and the most thing you have to do the first time is seeing your doctor about your condition. “What is apnea” has been explained before in detail. May it be useful!