what is sinusitis

What Is Sinusitis? Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment

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What is sinusitis
What is sinusitis

What is sinusitis? Sinusitis or sinus infection is one of the main health problem. This is kind of inflammation on the sinus. Around 31 million people are affected this infection. People who already suffer from respiratory health problem like asthma will get a greater risk to be affected this infection. And also people with allergies and blockages in the nose have a risk to sinusitis. There are almost 150 million prescription made by doctors to treat this diseases. That’s why to have a detail cure is the best way to know the cause and the treatment for this infection.

A normal sinus will work to traps germs, dust, and another small and invisible particle from the air. This sinus is working together with a tiny layer called mucus. The smooth hair within the nose will work to weep away all the mucus and other germs trapped inside. It will help to open the door and lead the things trapped to the throat and it will go down to stomach. This is a common and regular work for human body. Sinus infection occurs because the flow of mucus from sinus to the backside of the throat is stopped. The hairs inside the nose is also be blocked and the infection will also cause the swell in the nasal tissues. This swelling is trapping the mucus and make you feel worse.  Knowing sinusitis meaning will also be helpful for you to diagnose the symptoms and choose the right treatment.

Sinusitis Causes

Many people think that when someone catches a cold, they get sinusitis. But sinus infection is not that simple and cannot be seen from cold only. There are a common cause and symptoms that will occur during the sinus infection such as headache, nasal congestion, facial pain, and runny nose. This sinus infection can be caused by bacterium and it is different from the common cold which caused by viruses.

People who have a weak immune system will easily get this infection mostly. The weak immune system will help the body to increase bacteria and also fungal to make the infection worse than it should be. People with allergic will also be the victim for this disorders because the sinus can sometimes be caused by fungal sinus. The anatomy of human body will also be the cause of sinus like nasal polyps, narrowing sinus, and also deformity of the bone in the nasal passage.

Sinusitis Diagnose and Symptoms

Sometimes, sinusitis is related to rhinitis. Rhinitis is a condition of an irritation and inflammation that occurs in nasal passage and it is only affecting the nasal passages. Some doctors said that rhinitis occurs because the seasonal allergies or cold. Dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and molds are the cause of this rhinitis. So, it can be clear that the seasonal allergies will trigger rhinitis. This situation will be worse if it happens for a long time. It causes the sinus passages inflamed and swollen.

However, sinusitis can be diagnosed very easily. When a person thinks that they have sinus infection, they can go to the allergist or specialist. This is the best way to get the diagnosis directly from doctor. The way to relieve the infection will be so much easier when it is done by the expert. Diagnose the sinusitis in the early stage can help some to avoid the further symptoms and also may be some complications because of this infection. If someone has an allergy on the sinus, nose, and throat, the diagnosis that accuse the sinus infection can be redness, bad breath, greenish nasal discharge, and even pressure in the face.

What is sinusitis now can be answered, but where is it actually? Sinus is located on the side of your nose, within the cheeks’ bone, on the eyebrows and forehead, and also behind the nose that is linked directly to the brain. If the infection of sinus cavities cover up the brain, it will be dangerous for the patient. It can move into the brain although this case is rare and not so many people get this result. That’s will be better to diagnose to doctor.

Sinusitis Treatment and Cure

Sinusitis treatment can be done by the allergist. By having such a correct diagnose, the allergist will prescribe some medicines to help relieving the infections. Sometimes the antibiotics will also be the treatment for sinus infection. The use of antibiotics will work well in sinus infection that is caused by bacteria. While the infection that is caused by fungus, it will be better to use anti-fungal spray or medicine. The antifungal agents will treat the sinus infection and sometimes this treatment is combined by the oral steroid.

Meanwhile, sometimes the use of antibiotics is not effective when someone is suffering from a chronic sinusitis infection and it doesn’t give any improvement after taking antibiotics, you may try a mucus culture. This will help to examine what causing the infection by taking sample of the mucus inside the sinus.

If the use of sinusitis antibiotics as treatment cannot be longer than 2 months. It means that after two months the sinus infection doesn’t get better, the allergist or specialist will do CT scan to diagnose more deeply. The nose and sinus opening will be examined by the allergist. This will require the use of tiny camera inside the small flexible tube that has a light at its end. This tool will be inserted inside the nose to see what’s wrong inside the sinus. This checking is not harmful or painful at all. Even though it is not giving any feeling, the allergist will still give an anesthesia nasal spray. This anesthetic spray is purposed to make the patient more comfortable.

The sinus CT scan will also help in knowing more about the extent infection. This action will also define the allergies causing the sinus infection. If it is necessary, you can also see in the immunology and allergy specialist. They will check the base factors causing the infection like asthma, structural bones, and the immune system. Some chronic and acute infection will lead to the biopsies treatment. This treatment will be done when the patient has serious fungal sinus infection. The bone biopsy will really be helpful to determine what happens inside the sinus. This treatment will also be done by inserting tool inside the nose and taking some sample of sinus tissues.

Summary of All Question about What Is Sinusitis

How to cure sinus infection permanently
How to cure sinus infection permanently

Many people is still questioning because they are confused whether sinusitis is same or not as sinus infection. Here, sinusitis is just same as sinus infection in which those two terms relate to the inflammation and infection occurred in the sinus. Sinus is located in the forehead behind the eyes and in the bone of face. If this is blocked by the mucus from bacteria and viruses or even fungus, so the infection will happen.

The infection will take for about ten days for the acute infection and 2 months for the chronic sinus infection. Sometimes, the chronic infection will last longer. And it doesn’t give any improvement after taking some sinusitis treatment antibiotics, it should be treated with another treatment or sinusitis surgery. To get rid of sinus infection, it will better to know the cause first. The symptoms that occurs because of viruses, it can be relieved by using nasal spray or taking topical and oral antihistamine. It will work in ten days, but if there is no improvement for the bacterial sinusitis, the antibiotics can be used. And if any drug therapy cannot work in reducing and relieving the sinus infection, the surgery may be taken as the choice. This surgery is only recommended if the symptoms still occur and the sinus infection doesn’t get better. The surgery helps in repairing the defects in the nasal passages bone. It will also remove the nasal polyps and help to open the blocked nasal passages.

Many people are also afraid of sinusitis contagious. Since there are many factors causing this infection, not all sinus is contagious. If someone has the symptoms of sinusitis, it can be better to stay away from other people. Sinus contagious can be avoid by  washing hands after sneezing and coughing, using mask, take a rest enough at home, using some nasal spray and also using some vaporizer or humidifier steam. That’s the best way to avoid spreading illness to other people.

What is sinus and the cure for the counter drugstore cure can be many people question. Actually beside the antibiotics, using the decongestant spray will also be a good choice. The nasal spray is really great and helpful to reduce the swollen passages. It is also easy to found. Topical nasal sprays will also help in preventing the swelling and inflammation. The corticosteroid one is the best choice. Using nasal saline will also be a good idea. It helps the thickened secretions inside nasal passages to be cleared. So, it can help people to breath normally.