What to Do For A Stuffy Nose? Follow These Tips To Solve It!

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What to do for a stuffy nose for people who are suffering? Nasal congestion or a stuffy nose is no longer a nosebleed disorder among us. Almost everyone has experienced a stuffy nose. Sometimes, some people feel frustrated because this disease does not heal immediately. In fact, many drugs have been taken to relieve them.

What is a stuffy nose in health care? The term nasal congestion is given when a person has a problem in the nasal passages which causes the nose to be difficult to breathe. In this condition, the blood will flow more to the nose and cause serious swelling. In addition, people with nasal congestion will also experience inflammation in the respiratory tract. This inflammation is caused by dirty air or infection.

What is a stuffy nose for you? Most of people will say “It’s annoying” when they are asked about this question. Why? It’s because a blocked nose is a disease that is not fast in healing. Although this disease can heal in some time, but, this condition will make people uncomfortable in carrying out all activities. Then, how do you deal with this disease without medication? Here is an explanation of what to do for stuffy nose

What to Do For Stuffy Nose? Here Is the Way

Before knowing how to deal with this disease, you need to know what the cause of the appearance of the stuffy nose is. Nasal congestion can be caused by several factors, including coughs and colds, flu, and allergies. Actually, to overcome this disease, you do not need to take drugs that have side effects. You can do things better and prove successful in overcoming congestion. Here’s how:

1. Blowing the nose

A simple way you can deal with nasal congestion is to blow your nose slowly. Based on observations made by a clinic in the United States, this method is considered to be able to relieve nasal congestion. In addition, you will also relax with the blow you give.

2. Use Saline spray

Saline spray is a special type of spray for the nose. This spray has a salt content which functions to remove the mucus of the nose. if you don’t have enough budget to buy this spray, you can make it manually, using the following ingredients (warm water, salt and baking soda). the way to make it is to mix it with warm water. After that, breathe the water slowly. However, these activities should not be done excessively because the salt content in the water will trigger an infection of the nose. So, use it according to your needs!

3. Consume Lots of Water

White water is believed to relieve nasal congestion. The condition of the water should be warm so that it can remove mucus that appears due to a blocked nose. Besides consuming warm water, it turns out the aroma can also be used as a medicine by slowly breathing it.

4. Using an Air Humidifier

An air humidifier, known as a humidifier, which can used as a medicine to eliminate nasal congestion. However, you need to know the quality of the product too. If the packaging is of good quality but the product is in a bad condition, you better not buy it

5. Lie Down With a High Pillow

The easy thing you can do to relieve a stuffy nose is to lie on a high pillow. This is so that the mucus in the nose can flow smoothly in your throat.

How to Deal With Stuffy Nose in Pregnant People

Here are the ways what to do for a stuffy nose while pregnant:

1. Avoiding Allergens

What can you do for a stuffy nose while pregnant actually? One of the things that can be done to overcome a stuffy nose during pregnancy is to avoid all forms of allergens such as dust, odors or cleaning fluids, various powders, and smoke.

2. Steam Inhalation

As usual, breathing steam in warm water can relieve nasal congestion especially for people who are pregnant. How to make it very easy? First, mix all ingredients (room humidifier and hot water). After that, breathe the steam slowly!

3. Drink The Ginger Tea Concoction

Ginger is believed to be able to relieve nasal congestion during pregnancy. This drink can be easily made with only two ingredients (tea and ginger). Brew the drink to feel the sensation of warmth in the body and relieve nasal congestion naturally.

That was an explanation of how to deal with nasal congestion naturally without medication. For those of you, who are experiencing this disorder, don’t worry because there are many ways you can do to solve it immediately. You no longer need to consume drugs that can have side effects for your body. Hopefully information about “what to do for a stuffy nose” can help you overcome complaints of stuffy nose.