Fatal familial insomnia

What you need to know about Fatal Familial Insomnia Disease

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fatal familial insomnia
Fatal familial insomnia

What is fatal familial insomnia

When we are talking about the disease, then, you will need to know that it is a kind of sleep disorders and it is related to insomnia- it is a rare disease, by the way. Also, FFI is a bit more terrifying than other sleeping disorders since it is caused by a prion disease or a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy or is abbreviated as TSE. Just like other similar diseases caused by a prion, FFI is also caused by prion proteins inside the brain that are not folded properly and become accumulated. A patient will lose his/her nerve cells progressively. To make matters worse, a cure has yet to be discovered. You may want to visit this article in order to figure out what causes insomnia.

FFI is usually characterized by the inability of a person to sleep (or also called as insomnia) which is pretty mild at first, but it becomes significantly worse over time and it could deteriorate both one’s physical and mental capabilities. Also, the autonomic nervous system of the person who suffers from the disease may become deteriorated and dysfunctional- your involuntary body systems, such as breathing, sweating, body temperature regulation, and heartbeat rate become compromised. Fatal familial insomnia is a dangerous disease since it affects your nerve system.

I have insomnia what I can do to sleep effectively

Can you get a medical marijuana card for insomnia
Can you get a medical marijuana card for insomnia

Unfortunately, since the disease is very rare and is very challenging to cure, there is no reliable medication or treatment to cure it. But if you only suffer from common insomnia, then, there are several things you can do. When people ask that I have insomnia what I can do to sleep, and it is by performing sleep hygiene- a group of habits which allows you to easier to get asleep as well as to get a deeper sleep. Having a regular sleep schedule and a regular exercise also help as well as taking a warm bath since it is relaxing.

By the way, you should avoid alcoholic drinks; why is alcohol not a good solution for insomnia? Although it is a popular drink to help people to falling asleep, you should use it as an aid to fall asleep since it is able to disrupt your biological clock. Instead of sipping alcohol, try listening to YouTube delta brain waves deep sleep invasion insomnia since it allows you to go to sleep way deeper.

Sure, when it comes to the medication you can take to cure insomnia, some people would suggest trying marijuana. Can you get a medical marijuana card for insomnia, by the way? Well, depending on your country, your chance to get one varies greatly. For example, it would be way easier to get one if you live in the Netherlands since it is legal in there. It would be pretty difficult in the United States, especially in the states where it is completely illegal. Unfortunately, your effort to fight insomnia, as well as fatal familial insomnia, by using marijuana is downright impossible in the countries where it is strictly outlawed, such as Indonesia.