Why Can’t I Sleep? Find out Easy Tips to Solve It

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Why can’t i sleep better every day? This question might appear on your mind when you already realize that you have sleep problem. All know that sleep is one of the most important needs which must be fulfilled. When people get problem in their sleep, their productivity will be down. It will affect their daily activity especially if they’re busy people.

How Far You Know About Sleep Apnea?

One of the reason why you can’t sleep is because you may get sleep apnea. Is it a disease? Yes, it’s truly dangerous if you ignore this condition. What is sleep apnea? This is one of problem which interrupts your sleeping at night. The problem it brings is that you can’t breathe well when you sleep. It seriously makes your respiratory stops suddenly during you sleep.

The Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

This disease is caused by blockage in the respiratory tract which is named as OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. How to see that you are attacked by this disease? It’s easy to do. You can only notice the symptoms of sleep apnea when you sleep. Those are snoring during sleep, often going to the bath room in the midnight to take a leak, often biting your teeth strongly, often drooling, drying lips, and so on.

The Reasons Why I Can’t Sleep Through the Night

Why can’t i sleep? Talking about sleep issues, is there other reasons which probably cause you can’t sleep well? Well, each people have their own reason why they can’t sleep. But, commonly, the reasons they face are the same. What are they? To know them, see the information below!

1. Drinking Alcohol

Why can’t i sleep through the night? All people know that drinking too much alcohol will give effect on your body especially for your sleep. You might feel better when you drink it. But, aware or not it is one of the reasons you can’t sleep through the night. Alcohol will also decrease your energy in the morning. Of course, it will make you not productive person. So, to avoid this condition, you can prevent drinking alcohol at night or if you can’t help drinking it for your dinner, you can drink only for one or two glasses.

2. Letting Your Stomach Empty

Other reason why you can’t sleep anxiety at night is that you haven’t eaten any food yet before you sleep. This habit of letting your stomach empty is a rumbly in your tummy. It will be fine, many people may worry about gaining more weight. But, don’t you know? It is seriously not good for your health. When your stomach empty during you sleep, you will feel uncomfortable and absolutely your sleep will be unwell.

According to people’s experiment, sleeping with no filled stomach will give effect for your body. The most effect you will feel is that your body will convert protein into muscle slowly and of course if it always happens in your daily sleep, your metabolic function will be reduced and your muscle mass will be breakdown.

How to solve this problem? You have to have a clear schedule for your night food to fill your stomach before sleeping. If you are afraid of getting more weight, you can the small meals in order to add your energy. Don’t eat heavy meals which have much calorie! You can eat food with much nutrition but don’t be too over. By doing this habit, your sleep will run well till morning.

3. Thinking Hard When You Start Sleeping

Other reason why you’re hard to sleep is that you always think your problem which is you’re facing currently and you bring it until you sleep. Stop thinking hard about your problem! You need to take a rest your mind and your body. Far away from stress before sleeping may makes you easy to sleep through the night. When you start sleep, forget all problems you have. You can think again in the morning. It’s surely able to prevent you from stress and difficult sleep. 

4. Turning On Your Screens Of Tablet And TV

When you switch off your lamp but you are still busy to play your mobile phone or even watch TV, the problem of difficult sleep might come to you. Why?  It’s because the light of the screens will reduce the melatonin in your body. It also will disrupt your natural circadian rhythm. So, to avoid this condition happening in your body, try to leave that bad habit.

Turn of your screens and start resting your body and brain. Forget your business first! If your friends always phone you, say that you’re going to go to bed and let them continue chatting in the next day, in the morning.

5. Knowing The Partner Snoring

When we sleep our ears are actually still working. Sometimes if the sound sounds so loudly, you will wake up directly. One of interrupting sounds is snoring. You won’t hear your own snoring, but you will hear your partner’s snoring. It may be simple. But, it will be very annoying if it always happens every night. Absolutely your sleep will not be comfortable.

You can’t sleep well because of the loud sound. So the best way to solve it is by sleeping in other bedroom. But, the effect of moving place is that your partner may feel unhappy. That’s why if you have known your partner snoring during sleep, say to him when he is awake and give any suggestion to make him reduce his snoring. What? That’s by doing healthy activity which can reduce the snoring symptoms.

why cant i sleep
Why cant i sleep

Some Tips to Make You Easy To Sleep At Night: Why Can’t I Sleep?

1. Count Your Sleep Time

What to do when you can’t sleep and are bored? Counting how many times you sleep in a day and in what time you usually sleep every day is such a necessity. Besides this, you have to also count your tiring for the whole day, how tired are after doing any activity? And is there any symptoms you feel during you sleep?

It will really help you to control and improve your sleeping time especially in the night. Now days, to count or tracking your sleep time, you can download any apps in Google play store which is useful for easier tracking snooze. 

2. Do Therapy To Better Sleep

Other things to do when you can’t sleep is to do therapy. If you already feel that insomnia or difficult sleep has made you uncomfortable, you can do therapy by seeing a therapist  or following guidance book both online and offline. The therapy is called CBT-I. It can involve your self-monitoring, mental strategies, and even the conditions which supports your sleep. The easiest way to get this therapy is by doing yourself in your home to make you get comfort.

3. Choose The Comfort Mattress

Hard sleep may come because you have no good mattress. It may be so harsh or too soft. So, when you buy your mattress, make sure that you have chosen the best one seen from the quality of the product and the material. Comfortable mattress is trusted making people easy to fall in sleep quickly. 

4. Reduce Your Smoking Habit

Reduce your smoking habits or better stop will give you chance to sleep easily. Commonly, people who are smoking or we call smokers they will have difficulty in sleeping. The nicotine containing in it will withdraw during your night sleep. Of course, it makes you hard to close your eyes till the effect lost. 

5. Limit The Caffeine In Your Body

People are likely staying up the whole night by drinking coffee which contains caffeine. Don’t you know? If this habit happens often in your life, you will get insomnia. You may think it only affect once for the night. But, if you do this every day and never manage your caffeine capacity, your body will get trouble. In the end, you will also be hard to rest your body. If you feel thirsty, you can drink mineral water which is healthier than coffee or tea. 

6. Eat Healthy Food

One of the reasons you get problem in your sleep is that you always consume bad food such as junk food or other which have no nutrition. Stop danger your body guys! You may feel satisfied when you eat those food, but the effects are much bad your body. That’s why to make your sleep easy, you can eat food with the high nutrition such as magnesium, vitamin b6, nuts, legumes, vegetables, and others. 

7. Relax Your Body And Your Mind

What to do when you can’t sleep and are bored? Believe or not, this activity is very necessary to improve your sleep and spirit. The best solution you can do such as doing yoga, try to breathe deeply, doing progressive relaxation and others. They are able to promote your sleep effectively. 

Those were the information about the reason you can’t sleep well and the tips to do to lose the insomnia. Actually there are so much activity you can do to improve your sleep such as avoiding heavy and large meals in evening, keep the space dark, drink supplements, sleeping when you feel sleepy, and others. Now you have known the answer of “why can’t sleep?”, right?