Why Do People Yawn

Why Do People Yawn? These could be The Reason

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Why do people yawn is might be a big question. People sometimes do not realize the cause of yawn. People believe that yawn is the sign when they feel bored and sleepy. However, the truth is that yawn is the reaction of our body of a bad air.

It is the way for our body to remove or get the bad air away. So, it will help the brain to get more oxygen and also the fresh air. Yawn can also be the sign of fever even though it is just the early sign.

Some Causes Why Do People Yawn

People yawn and it is a common thing. However, there are some causes that can affect yawn for some people. The first is sleepiness. It is a general cause of yawn and many people know it. yawn will occur when someone is sleepy. Yawn will stimulate the brain to fall asleep. This yawn is not relating to sleep issues. It is just a sign of being drowsy.

Another cause of yawn is the decreasing of arousal. This cause is not from our body but from the outside. For example when we are in a boring environment. The environment doesn’t give a good stimulation for the brain. It causes yawning. So it is also a common action in which you will yawn when you feel bored.

Why do people yawn and it affects another people? Yawning is often contagious. It will stimulate another people when they are witnessing the yawn by themselves. Not only affecting by another people, but also when thinking about yawn. When you are thinking about yawn, you will yawn. Another cause of yawning is the chemical cause. The testosterone is one of androgens that can be the cause of yawn. The medication such as Prozac and also some antidepressants will also the cause of yawn. The yawn can increase if you consume the antidepressant and those medication. Some people will ask what causes yawning to catch your breath and what is considered excessive yawning. The yawn is the way to catch a breath.

Scientific Reason of Why Do People Yawn

Some people want to know the evidence from scientific research. From the scientific reason, yawn has relation with the pressure of inner ear. The pressure will definitely affect the Eustachian tube to open. It will also affect by chewing a gum and drinking. So there are many cause of the opening Eustachian. The regulation of temperature inside the brain will also cause yawn. Our forehead can be the easy way to check the temperature. It will also change the yawning by giving a cold or hot pack. The cold one is the effective way to decrease the yawn. Yet the hot pack will decrease the arousal.

The increasing of carbon dioxide inside the brain will cause yawn. Yes, exactly when the oxygen is less than the carbon dioxide. This is a belief that becomes a fact from science point of view. People cannot yawn with a command, they will come naturally and unconsciously. This reflex action will be a respond of carbon dioxide in the brain.

There are three types of yawn itself. There are eyes open yawn, nose yawn, and clenched teeth yawn. The eyes open yawn is the way to block the yawn. By opening the eyes, it can easy to stall yawn. Nose yawn is the way in which you can sealing your lips when yawning.

Why do people yawn and it is disturbing? Yawn maybe disturbing for some people. When it os an excessive yawn, it will be better to have home remedies for excessive yawning. It can help decrease yawn and also make yourself more comfortable.