Why Does Sleep Paralysis Happen

Why Does Sleep Paralysis Happen? See The Reasons Here

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Why does sleep paralysis happen? Imagine that you are waking up very early in the morning. You can see and listen to everything around you and you argue well, but you can not move at all. Your limbs are also frozen, your head feels heavy, you can’t even move your toes. A few minutes pass, and before you feel crazy, you regain control of your body. It sounds scary, right? It is paralysis during sleep, a temporary condition that makes it impossible to move or speak while sleeping or awake.

What Causes Sleep Paralysis

What causes sleep paralysis? Staying up late, which 35% people in America often do, is one of the biggest factors of sleep paralysis. Psychiatric patients on drugs say that it damages their sleep quality, or even new mothers are more vulnerable to the condition. The most common group to experience sleep paralysis are people with narcolepsy, a disorder that causes extreme fatigue.

Is That Ghost Sleep Paralysis?

Ghost sleep paralysis is a call for scary hallucinations during sleep. This varies for everyone, but general hallucinations include the sensation that someone is looking at you and dragged from bed. Or, someone is sitting on your chest anyway. If you have experienced hallucinations like this, It doesn’t signify your sleep paralysis is more serious, just more horrible.

Meanwhile, the signs that need to be aware of, namely paralysis during sleep often doesn’t require special treatment, but immediately consult yourself if you experience again:

  1. Anxiety or excessive worry.
  2. Feel tired all day.
  3. Can not sleep all night.

In addition, the use of drugs is based on doctor’s advice. It’s possible that the doctor will give an antidepressant to help overcome this.

How To Treat Sleep Paralysis Naturally

How to treat sleep paralysis naturally? To know them, check the following information below!

  1. When you are feeling down, first try to move your body slowly. You can by moving from the toes, fingers, to the neck.
  2. Try to focus on eye movements by looking around, because the eyes are usually not attacked by sleep paralysis.
  3. Try to breathe long and deep.
  4. Stay calm and don’t panic.
  5. Finally, of course don’t forget to pray before going to bed. Guaranteed, sleep will be more sound and sound.

There are three types of muscles in body such as your heart muscle, or your heart. The second is smooth muscle, which occurs in internal organs and functions without your control. The last is skeletal muscles, which move the limbs and other parts. In sleep paralysis, the heart muscle and smooth muscle work well. So, internally your body works as usual, but you lose control of skeletal muscles.

Even though you might wake up at night and feel a physical paralysis, it might happen before you wake up in the morning. That’s when you are usually in the REM sleep stage or the third stage of sleep (where you dream).

How To Prevent Sleep Paralysis

How to prevent sleep paralysis? Some changes in habits is often effective in overcoming the phenomenon of oppression. For example, ensuring the fulfillment of the time needed to sleep, which is about 6-8 hours every night. You can also improve the environment of the bed, or start sleeping and waking up at the same hour regularly.

Other healthy lifestyles can also reduce the possibility of sleep paralysis, such as frequent exercise regularly. The others are reducing consumption of caffeine, avoiding consuming alcoholic beverages and stopping smoking.

That’s all the information about sleep paralysis. If you face that problem, you can also see doctor to solve it. Get well soon!