Why Is Yawning Contagious

Why Is Yawning Contagious? Knows The Fact

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Why is yawning contagious to another people? Yawning is relating to the brain and also environment. From the inside of our body, brain will need more oxygen and fresh air. That’s why we yawn to let the bad air goes away and take a new fresh oxygen.

Yawning can also happen because of the outside factor. If we are in the boring environment, the brain will also give a sign by yawning. The stress level and psychological cues will also affect you to yawn. Yawn does not happen just the way, there is a cause and there is also a purpose. So, here are some purpose behinds the yawn that we might get.

Why Is Yawning Contagious?: The Purpose of Yawning

Are yawns scientifically contagious? For some people, it is true. They can yawn just by seeing another people yawn in front of them. The yawn seems contagious just because our brain set it. Another people also ask why is yawning contagious science fair project? That’s because until today, this case is still controversial both from traditional belief and scientific research.

Why is yawning contagious? The proper answer for this question is because it is the sign that we are sleepy and tired. Then, other people might affect just because they see the environment so boring. When we yawn, actually it will help us to stay awake. We yawn and we realize that we have to wake up. So, it will make us moving and stretching.  This action will be helpful to stay awake and push the sleep pressure. Even though it is a sign of drowsiness, it is not relating to any sleep issues.

Yawning To Cooling The Brain

The popular hypothesis is that our brain is cool so we yawn. A deep inhalation that occurs during the yawn will improve the air in the brain. It also makes the temperature in the brain cooler than before. It will decrease right after we yawn because before we yawn, our brain temperature is high. When we are sick, we will tend to yawn often. This is because our body is warmer than the normal one. So, when our body is warm it can trigger us to yawn frequently.

The sentry duty can also relate to yawning. It is about protecting our body just like the animal. The lower level of arousal or our vigilance will be the signal for our body to yawn. If this happen, we will tend to move or make any stretching. We will change our activities to prevent any bad action to happen like slipping. We need another sentry to keep us awake so we can control our body.

The Neuroscience Explanation on Why Is Yawning Contagious

The yawning is a reflex respond. We cannot control when we will yawn. Brain is the part of our body that act as the decision maker. Brain contains oxytocin as hormones for the mental health. This hormone also stimulate the brain with the social condition outside.  

The contagious of yawning can stimulate by many things. But when people have a psychopathic tendency, it will make them easily to get contagious. It can also affect the animal like dog because dog has a high empathetic hormone. When people feel bothered with yawn, they may ask how to stop myself from yawning so much. Yawning should not stop because it helps us to be awake and also keep concentrate.

Why is yawning contagious still becomes the question. Many people cannot determine the contagious effect of yawning. It is still debatable and many researches are still going on about this phenomenon.