sleep paralysis symptoms and risk factors
Sleep paralysis

What is Sleep Paralysis: You Need To Know About Sleep Paralysis

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Have you ever wondered what is sleep paralysis? Sleep paralysis is the inability to speak or move temporarily, even if you are asleep or awake. Commonly, this only happens for a few seconds or sometimes a few minutes, yet it will not harm you at all. However, it might be quite frightening if it is your first time. Some people experience sleep paralysis a few times each month or even more often for teenagers and young adults

Sleep Paralysis Symptoms and Risk Factors

Before sleep paralysis occurs to you, here are some general symptoms that you may face. First and foremost, one of the sleep paralysis symptoms and risk factors is you will have a difficulty to lift up some parts of your body, such as arms, head and legs. However, at some cases, you might not be able to move around at all within the episodes. This episode usually lasts from a few seconds to minutes.

Sleep paralysis symptoms do not vary from gender, since sleep paralysis can happen to both men and women. However, in general, youth seems to be one of the causes. Sleep paralysis first occurs during young adult period, within the range of age 10 years to 25 years. This is because most teenagers and young adult are more fragile and often stressed as they are trying to gain their identity. Hence, they often encounter sleep problems in many forms, such as insomnia and sleep paralysis.

Beside that, a lack of sleep will boost up the probability to suffer from sleep paralysis. This also happens if your sleep schedule is not fixed. The more it changes, the higher the chance for you to experience it. Another risk factor is mental disorder, in which sleep paralysis is more prevalent for those who have a panic disorder or a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sleep Paralysis Lucid Dreaming and Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations

sleep paralysis lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis hallucinations
Sleep paralysis lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis hallucinations

If you are getting to know about sleep paralysis, you might as well try to get fond of sleep paralysis lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis hallucinations. People who suffer from narcolepsy have a tendency to have a dream-like hallucination where everything seems so vivid. When this episode occurs, the visions feel so real even when they are asleep or awake. At the same time, they also experience paralysis, in which it happens due to rapid eye movement that happens in the wrong time.

Is Sleep Paralysis Linked to Anything?

sleep paralysis causes symptoms and how to stop them
Sleep paralysis causes symptoms and how to stop them

Some of you might wonder about: is sleep paralysis linked to anything? The answer is, yes. It is necessary to take note that sleep paralysis can be triggered by other health issues, such as a mental health disorder, medication use and another sleep disorder, such as narcolepsy. Aside from that, substance abuse as well as a medical condition will drive you into a frequent sleep paralysis. Beside that, it is also linked to genetics. Conducted by Daniel Denis, a psychologist, studies show that genetics control the circadian rhythms in your eyes, in which it is then involved in sleep paralysis. If the parents often experience this, then the children are more likely to feel the same thing. Learning about sleep paralysis causes symptoms and how to stop them is quite easy, isn’t it? Cast away your sleep paralysis!